Phillip Island

Things to Do in Phillip Island

Phillip Island, Victoria 3922

For an animal-centred day trip just outside of Melbourne city, grab a ride to Phillip Island and prepare to be blown away by the sheer beauty of the wildlife and scenery that’s on offer.

Phillip Island

There’s plenty to get stuck into while you’re on the island, so here are some of the best ways to pass the time.

Attractions in Phillip Island

  • 1. The Penguin Parade

    Penguin Parade

    Perhaps the most popular attraction on Phillip Island, the Penguin Parade lets visitors watch the colony of Little Penguins as they waddle up the beach after a long hard day of fishing.

    The Little Penguins are the smallest, and by far, cutest penguins in existence, standing at a mere 33 centimetres. They spend the majority of their time in the cold seas of Victoria but rest in their underground burrows that are located along Phillip Island’s shores. With the only time humans can view them is when they waddle up to shore after sunset.

    This has led to the penguin parade, now known as one of the best eco-tourism facilities in the entire world. Letting visitors see these wild animals from the safety and comfort of either the 180-degree elevated platform, an upgraded penguin plus podium, or even an underground viewing section.

    As well as observing the sunset parade, you can learn more about the cute critters in the visitors’ centre, where there are plenty of interactive and educational displays. Simply book a ticket and sit back and relax, learning about these fascinating creatures as you watch them waddle up the beach to bed.

  • 2. The Chocolate Factory

    Got a sweet tooth? Hotfoot it to Phillip Island Chocolate Factory for a delectable day out. Here, you can learn how the local truffles are made, and watch the chocolate-making process firsthand. There are several unforgettable sights within the shop, making it as close as you can get to visiting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory world in real life. With the world’s largest chocolate waterfall and the Famous Statue of David made entirely out of chocolate. Wandering the factory and join in on the interactive displays, even creating your own, unique brand of chocolate with the help of the masters. After you have filled your bags up with aa many take-home sweet as you can carry, head to the onsite café for a wind-down. Ordering a range of chocolate flavoured treats while sipping on a steamy hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

  • 3. Nobbies Centre

    Nobbies Centre

    Explore the incredible scenery of Phillip Island at the Nobbies Centre, where you can soak up the breath-taking views of the surrounding coastal scenery. While on-site, you can take a stroll along the in-built boardwalk and discover the nearby sights.

    The first is the island’s blowhole, which is, in fact, a large sea cave that creates huge waves during the big southern swells. Spraying visitors with sea spray as they stand nearby the crashing ocean waves.

    The Sea-Bird Gardens is another site, only visible in spring when an outbreak of brilliant coloured flowers covers the land.

    Wildlife watching is also a brilliant activity! With the Silver Gull birds nesting along the clifftops, with their babies chirping as you passed. Grab a sighting of the largest fur seal colony in the country at Seal Rocks, and see these friendly creatures sunbake and frolic at the beach. You can even see the migrating whales dotting the shallow seashores. The Whale watching only occurs from May to October but straining your eyes along the sparkling ocean is well worth it for the extraordinary sight of the Humpback Whale.

    Get educated, too, at Nobbies Centres, with insightful displays and educational presentations about both the history and the wildlife of the island. Learn more about the natural wonders of Phillip Island, and the locals such as the nesting birds that choose this wild and rugged landscape to breed in.

  • 4. Phillip Island Circuit

    Motor racing lovers will want to check out the Phillip Island Circuit. The track has played host to some of the most famous sporting events in the world, including Moto GP and the World Superbikes championship, since its beginning in 1956. Festivals and events crowd the track’s calendars, with public events, world championships, or expos. If you want to get behind the wheel, you can drive a go-kart around the circuit at high speed, or even do some pushbike racing. If you have a need for speed, hop in the passenger seat for the hot lap activity. This is a real deal and allows you to travel in a racing car with a professional rider while they tell you on an adrenaline-inducing circuit. If you prefer seeing the speed from the comfort of the sidelines, take a tour of all the best spots within the circuit and join in on the circuit viewing, where you view the racers from a mound located at the Visitor Centre water gardens.

  • 5. Koala Conservation Centre

    Get up close and personal with Australia’s cutest native creature at the Koala Conservation Centre. The eco-friendly attraction is not like a zoo but is dedicated to protecting and saving the koala population of Phillip Island. Having no cages but complete freedom around the bush trees for the wild animals. The tall and extensive boardwalks simply let visitors view the Koalas from a better angel, letting guests stand right beside the highest peaks of the trees, offering an up-close and personal view to these adorable animals. As well as seeing them, you can learn more about the creature’s habitat, behaviour, and history. Viewing the interactive demonstrations done by the professional staff, and even joining in on closer encounters. After meeting your new furry friends, why not meet the other local favourites roaming about, including wallabies, echidnas and an array of colourful. Spend the afternoon wandering the boardwalks, and even stay after dark to see the heard of bats that enter the skies.

The pristine beaches, wild coastline, and incredible animal encounters make Phillip Island the perfect backdrop for animal-centred encounters and adventures.

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