5 Reasons you HAVE to visit Melbourne

Melbourne is a cultural city that bursts with an eclectic landscape of art, food, shopping, and history. As well as having a foot well-placed in the present day, it plays host to rustic traditions that hark back to yesteryear. Combine this with the amazing selection of restaurants, galleries, stores, and the lively atmosphere, and you have yourself a must-visit city. So, do you really need a reminder of why you should go?

1.The Food

Melbourne is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world. It’s well known for its experimental foodie endeavours, and the sheer quantity of amazing eateries only proves this. Fine dining is a popular affair in Melbourne, but there are also plenty of causal hangouts that serve up a selection of cuisines, whether you’re hungry for French, Thai, Middle Eastern, or Chinese.

2.The Picturesque Laneways

In the centre of Melbourne, a sprawling labyrinth of laneways tangle out in every direction. Throughout these narrow, cobbled streets, there is a selection of authentic restaurants, hole in the wall cafes, and a lot of colourful art. Street art is particularly popular in this part of town, and you’ll find full-sized murals or intricate pieces around every twist and turn.

3.The Arts Scene

As well as street art, Melbourne is famed for its contemporary arts scene. Melbourne City Tours open up a delightfully creative world filled with white cube galleries, independent workshops, and great bastions of culture. Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply looking to discover some great pieces, then Melbourne is perfect for you.

4.The Multicultural Vibe

Known as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Melbourne hosts populations from over 150 different countries, giving it a mishmash of cultures and influences. As well as internationally inspired restaurants, this also means there are a plethora of international shops, attractions, and markets to explore.

5.The Coffee Shops

This is perhaps one of the strangest things Melbourne is known for, but if you’ve ever wandered around its expansive range of coffee shops, you’ll understand Federation Square why this is on the list. The coffee movement is huge in the city, which now hosts hundreds of iconic cafes that all burst with their own individual personalities. Coffee is a huge part of life in Melbourne, and if you grab a hot drink and sit outside one of the many cosy cafes, you’ll see it unfold in all its glory.

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