Are there still koalas at Kennett River?

Are there still koalas at Kennett River?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/20/2022

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Kennett River is a small seaside town in Victoria. Located along the Great Ocean Road, Kennett River is a popular area for spotting koalas in the wild.

Yes, koalas are still found in Kennett River and it is in fact the best place to see koalas on the Great Ocean Road. This is one of the best locations to spot koalas in their natural surroundings. It isn’t guaranteed you will spot koalas, but there are good chances as there is a high population of them in the area. If you do find a koala (or any other wildlife) do not feed or touch them.

The Kennett River Koala Walk

The Kennett River Koala Walk is the best place to spot some koalas in their natural habitat. The walk may be daunting as it is 15 kilometres long. The best spots to see koalas on the walk are within the first six kilometres. Koalas are likely to be found in the eucalyptus trees either sleeping or eating. It’s the best opportunity to stretch your legs and spot some koalas.

What to bring and tips to try find koalas in Kennett River

Arriving early means you will be more likely to spot any movement from the koalas before they settle down and sleep during the hottest parts of the day. There are also less crowds in the area earlier in the day!
Keep looking up as you can find most koalas in the eucalyptus trees. But you might get lucky and see one walk on the ground
Bring binoculars or a good camera to be able to see any of the koalas if they decide to sit up high in the trees. And by bringing a camera you can take some fantastic photos of one of Australia’s most loved animals
Don’t touch or feed the wildlife as koalas can get aggressive if they feel threatened and we wouldn’t want that for them!

Other wildlife to spot

Koalas aren’t the only wildlife you’ll find in Kennett River. You can spot some of Australia’s favourite native birds when on the Kennett River Koala Walk. On this walk you can spot the king parrot, rosellas and kookaburras. You can spot a lot of these birds near Kafe Koala. There are so many of the native birds surrounding the café, it’s impossible not to spot them eating bird seed in the grass.

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