Belgian and French Chocolate in the Yarra Valley

Just outside of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley unfolds in a delightful show of Australian countryside. While it is most famed for its wineries and contribution to the international wine industry, it is also renowned for something a little sweeter – chocolate.

At the Yarra Valley chocolaterie and ice creamery, you can sample local flavours amongst the sprawling expanse of the stunning scenery. Here, you can indulge all your senses with free chocolate tastings and over 250 different varieties of chocolate products to try.

The on-site café is perfect for relaxing in and trying a treat or two, and the surrounding lawns are the ideal spot to soak up the Australian sunshine.

The Chocolate of the Yarra Valley

The team at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie are made up of experienced Belgian and French chocolatiers, who have created a delectable range of chocolates exclusive to the Yarra Valley.

In the showroom, visitors can marvel at the 250 handcrafted treats as well as learn more about the chocolate making process and see the chocolatiers in action.

The ingredients are all freshly picked on-site, too, with delicious additions like fruits and nuts from the orchard making the chocolates that little bit more delicious.

With such an expansive range of chocolates, there is something for everyone. Try truffles and pastilles, as well as chocolate-covered creations, clusters, rocky roads, and macarons. There’s also nougat, chocolate sauces, and chocolate spreads to enjoy as well. For younger members of the family, the chocolate covered jelly snakes and baby animals are a firm favourite.

The Chocolaterie is also home to a delicious ice creamery, where you can taste and ever-changing line up of flavours on-site or to takeaway.

The Great Wall of Chocolate

Perhaps the most popular part of the Chocolaterie is the Great Wall of Chocolate, where you can see 34 different varieties of chocolate that have been made using fine ingredients from the kitchen garden.

For Easter, the Chocolaterie comes to life with more than 30,000 handcrafted chocolates ready to share with all the family.

For any chocolate lovers, a trip to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie is a must-do, whether it’s to learn all about how your favourite chocolate-y treats are made or to pick up a souvenir or two.

It’s easy to incorporate into a day out in the Valley and, with the abundance of wineries and local restaurants around, it’s the perfect addition to a cultural experience.

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