Does Melbourne have a beach?

Does Melbourne have a beach?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/20/2021

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The city of Melbourne itself does not have a beach, however by traveling less than 20 minutes outside of the CBD you will find so many picturesque beaches situated along Port Phillip Bay.

Melbourne Beach

We have compiled a list of the best beaches in Melbourne, and all the details you will need to know before visiting.

  • St. Kilda Beach

    St. Kilda Beach is undoubtedly the most iconic beach in Melbourne! The area is jam packed full of exciting things to see and do, as well as plenty of places to swim and lots of sand to relax and soak up that Melbourne sun. Located just a short tram or car ride from the Melbourne CBD, you are sure to enjoy all that St. Kilda has to offer. Make sure you check out the iconic Luna Park and take a picture out the front of the big mouth. Head down to Acland Street to enjoy a delicious lunch, and maybe even treat yourself to some gelato on the beach at sunset. St. Kilda beach is often filled with entertainment of an evening, with drummers, fire dancers, and singers lining the boardwalk.

  • Brighton Beach

    Chances are that you have seen a picture of the famous Brighton Beach Huts. These rather small, yet extremely pricey huts are a popular attraction for those who visit Melbourne. The suburb of Brighton is around 30 minutes from the CBD and is home to one of the most pleasant beaches in Melbourne. The water is clear, the sand is clean, and the views are magnificent, you can even see the city in the distance. You will not miss the beach huts, as they stand out like a sore thumb. These tiny boxes that line the shore of Brighton Beach are beautiful to look at and make a great photo opportunity. It is said that the most expensive beach hut sold for more than $300,000, it is not hard to see why when you take a tour of Brighton and discover the hundreds of seaside mansions.

  • Williamstown Beach

    Williamstown Beach is located on the opposite side of the bay to most of the other popular beaches in Melbourne. If you choose to drive, you will cross over the iconic Westgate Bridge, where the city views are astounding. However, we suggest taking the ferry from St. Kilda across Port Phillip Bay to Williamstown. It takes just under an hour, and it is an amazing way to see all that surrounds the bay. Williamstown itself is a lovely historical town to explore, with gorgeous heritage listed architecture that lines the main street.

  • The Pillars at Mt. Martha

    The Pillars at Mt. Martha is the closest thing to the Mediterranean Coast you will get in Australia. These naturally formed caves, rocks, and Turquoise waters resemble the stunning Amalfi Coast. Located around an hour’s drive from Melbourne, Mt. Martha is a gorgeous town located along the Mornington Peninsula, that is certainly worth a visit!

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