How many days are enough for Melbourne?

How many days are enough for Melbourne?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/06/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Admit it Australia: Melbourne is Australia’s centre for having a really good time. Sure, Darwin has the parks, Sydney has the beaches and Adelaide can have the month of March (which, admittedly, is pretty awesome there), but Melbourne is a year-round extravaganza of uber exciting activities!

From exhibitions to events, shows to sport (the world’s best sporting calendar, mind you), this fine town has something for everyone and on every day of the year.

You can easily spend three days in Melbourne, experiencing its must-do activities, or you could stretch it out to a week or more, getting to know this fine city for everything it has to offer: arts, food, music and so much more…

Either way, you can’t miss these world class events when in fabulous Melbourne town:


The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is one of the world’s most impressive stadiums, and whilst it doesn’t quite rank in the world’s top 10 for capacity, none of those no-name, new-build mega stadiums can begin to match the heritage and history attributed to the legendary ‘G!

Whether you’re in Melbourne in winter (when the great Aussie game of AFL being is played) or summer (where you should really snag some tickets to the Boxing Day Test), or can make it down to an exhibition match (it’s going to host Argentina-Brazil in the lead up to the World Cup), the MCG is Melbourne’s spiritual home and a pretty great place to visit…

Lygon Street

Melbourne – outside the likes of Buenos Aires, New York and Sao Paulo – boasts one of the world’s largest Italian diaspora communities, centred around elegant Lygon Street.

Walking down Lygon Street is an experience in itself, as you will pass stylish waiters at charming trattorias, gelato shops offering traditional and funky new flavours, plenty of dedication to Ferrari as well as some of the best pizza in the world (no, really). Be sure to duck into the likes of DOC or further up at 400 Gradi, a pizzeria that has won accolades like the “Best Pizzeria in Oceania” and none other than the “best pizza in the world” at the Pizza World Championship.

Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria are some of the most lush and inviting in the whole country – the perfect place to relax and kick back after a day’s city exploring.

Melbourne isn’t known for its beaches, so luckily we have a rather beautiful garden right inside town to make you forget all about sand and surf!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
Managing Director at Sightseeing Tours Australia

Cameron Ward turned his travel passion into a thriving Australian tourism business. Before he co-founded his own business, Sightseeing Tours Australia, he was enjoying being a Melbourne tour guide. Even now, Cameron delights in helping visitors from all around the world get the most out of their incredible Australian trip. You’ll see Cameron leading tours or writing about his favourite Australian places where he shares his local insights.