How to Enjoy Melbourne’s Nightlife?

Boogie the night away, fill up on late-night food, or sip away on a delicious cocktail!

Melbourne is bursting with incredible tourist attractions and unforgettable experiences, but arguably one of the best times to experience the city is at night! Where the streets are bustling with crowds and the bars and clubs are loud with music. Melbourne is notorious for its lively nightlife, being one of the best cities in the world for cocktails, clubs, and unique night adventures. Take part of the city’s long list of night-time activities and make your Melbourne visit the best one yet.

  • Enjoy the city lights on a Rooftop

    This city is famed for its high-altitude drinking spots, with rooftop bars covering both the city and the outer suburbs. Sunny days guarantee a jam-packed rooftop, as there is no better way to sip on a delicious summer cocktail, than on top of a stunning skyscraper overlooking the city. Noteworthy rooftops include Naked for Satan’s funky bar, or the Imperials summer beach styled venue. If you aren’t one for heights, you can stay further to the ground and enjoy the other outdoor bar venues including the riverside Arbory, or the hidden laneway’s Section 8.

  • Sip on a Unique Cocktail

    These days, bars have become a new style of expression, similar in their fame and flavour as restaurants. Bartenders have competed against each other to create the next best cocktail, using a range of ingredients and methods to serve mouth-watering drinks. Melbourne especially has become the main hub for these bartenders, with each bar serving a unique cocktail for its visitors. Head to the many award-winning bars and take a sip of these experimental drinks!

  • Play a round of Mini Golf

    Never stop moving? Sitting down and eating and drinking the night away may sound appealing to some, but to others, activities are the way of the game. If this sounds like you, don’t despair, as not all activities shut their doors after sunset. Melbourne’s Holey Moley is the city’s number one mini golf venue, offering both a stylish bar with its pop-culture-themed course. Join in on the fun with your posse or partner, enjoying the bright lights and colourful drinks as you wander through!

  • Dine on endless Dumplings

    Whoever said ‘great things come in small packages’ most defiantly were referring to Melbourne’s delicious range of dumplings. Whether you fancy them stuffed with prawn, pork, or veggies, the city’s steamed or pan-fried is well worth the try. Head to Chinatown and visit one of the many award-winning restaurants here, with some cooking these delightful dumplings for hundreds of years without ever changing the recipe. The best part? These restaurants stay open well into the night, so no matter what time your craving, Melbourne has a range of delicious dumpling treats on offer!

  • Boogie away the Night

    A classic night-time activity, but well worth it in Melbourne. Whether you are after electronica, dance, disco, house, hip-hop and everything in between, this city has you covered. The clubs and dancing bars are legendary, with many been open for decades due to their popularity.

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