Koala Spotting and Surfing at Kennett River

Koala Spotting and Surfing at Kennett River

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/08/2017

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See Australia’s most beloved animal in its natural environment along the Great Ocean Road!

Located around 174 kilometres to the west of Melbourne City, Kennett River is a small, picturesque seaside town on the Otway Coast. Forming part of the impressive Great Ocean Road, one of the country’s best-loved attractions, it proves popular with visitors from near and far. Sitting pretty between the charming towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay, Kennett River is close to the cascading Wye River and boasts a sprawling beach that has a reliable surf break. Check out why this destination is worth the stop in during your Great Ocean Road adventure!

The History of Kennett River

The river that runs through the small town was named after the River Kennet in Berkshire, England, by surveyor George Smythe. In 1882, Alex MacLennan and his cousins were searching for a spot to farm and fish on and settled on the site of Kennett River. The cousins decided to cross stream and set up camp on the other side of the creek at the Wye River.

Things to Do in Kennett River

The small town is very peaceful and offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities, particularly if you’re interested in pristine beach views and charming local life.

It is best known for its stunning coastal views that form part of the Great Otway National Park and its extensive surfing opportunities. It’s also one of the top places in the country to spot koalas in the wild, so keep your eyes peeled for these cute critters. Once you turn into Grey River Road off the Great Ocean Road, you’ll be greeted by lots of koalas as they bask and eat in the eucalyptus trees that flank the road. Simply look up to the higher branches and see the fluffy grey balls sleeping the day away! We gurantee the crink in your neck will be well worth it after sighting these incredible creatures! Once you see as many as koalas as you can, you can also visit the parrot region of Kennett River. Which gives you a chance to feed the colourful birds right from your hand!

Surfing is a popular activity here, and you’ll be able to tell if the surf is up by how busy the beach carpark is – the more cars, the bigger the surf! But that’s not the only thing the town promises. During the Winter months, keep an eye out for migrating whales as they pass through the bay in search of warmer waters. If you want to gaze out at the stunning scenery, venture to Cape Patton, which is 5 kilometres away, and head to the spectacular lookout point as well as Carisbrook Falls which is just a short drive further.

As well as koala-spotting and surfing, you can check out the quaint selection of local restaurants and cafes, and kick back and relax on the stunning beach and soak up the peaceful atmosphere. If you’re travelling along the Great Ocean Road, Kennett River is the perfect place for a pitstop.

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