What are the best wineries in the Yarra Valley?

Escape the rush of city life and step into a tranquil wonderland of greenery, vineyards and delicious wine!

For all, you wine lovers out there, look no further as this is your heaven on earth. The Yarra Valley is home to some of the best wineries and restaurants around as well as being the birthplace for the bountiful amount of local Victorian wine. With an abundant range in reds, pinks, whites, and sparkling. But which one do you choose? While visiting the nearby Yarra Valley, guests can learn about the local production while tasting Victoria’s incredible and unique wine. Sip on a glass and enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding natural landscape. Here are our top picks of the best wineries on offer at the Yarra Valley.

  • Killara Estate Winery

    If you are looking for a lunch spot, Killara Estate Winery is for you. Renowned for its delicious Mediterranean style dishes, the winery presents you the very best variety that compliments your lunch choice.  

  • Hanrahan Winery

    This family-owned winery promises you a picturesque day amidst the lush greenery. Nestled on top of the sprawling grass hill, you can stroll the area with your glass of choice, or merely marvel at the view from inside. The winery’s specialties are Chardonnays, Pinot Noir and Shiraz’s, so your best option is to try the tasting service offered, so you can hear the professional staff list the development and winemaking process of each one.

  • Punt Road Winery

    This winery is a little less known compared to others, listed as the Valley’s hidden treasure, making for a truly memorable experience. With the family-owned estate welcoming you with open arms, the winery has about 150 acres of stunning vineyards. Make sure to try the pinot noir and chardonnay variety as these are by far their champion drops, and even wander the acres afterward to immerse in the countryside region.

  • Gateway Estate Farmhouse

    Although it isn’t technically an official winery, this farmhouse does create its own stunning wine varieties. This gourmet shop offers not just wine, but liquors, fruit and veg, and organic meat. This gives you a chance to taste some of the local produce made side by side by the vineyards. One of the best bonus’ is their ‘U-Pick’ experience, which offers guests to pick their own strawberries right from the bush! This offer kids a great activity while you sip on the delicious wine offered.

Not a wine drinker?

Sick of all the wine? Instead of heading back to town earlier, take a detour to Napoleone Cider House and Brewery, a place jam-packed with all the ales and ciders you could ever ask for. The venue is a working brewery as well as a showroom, aiming to give travelers an alternative drink in the famous wine region. offers a delicious tasting paddle, with brews ranging from light lagers, to pale ales, to finally dark beers-even having the occasional cider to refresh your senses! Enjoy the amazing view of the Yarra Valley with some delicious lunch, and pick out your favorite brew that will go perfectly with your meal! 

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