What is Yarra Valley known for?

What is Yarra Valley known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/06/2019

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Find out why the Yarra Valley is one of Victoria’s top tourist attraction!

To put it simply: Wine! That’s right, Victoria’s Yarra Valley is famed throughout the country for being one of the best wine regions in Australia. With locals immediately salivating at the thought of the area’s countless wine varieties. But with its skyrocketing popularity over the years, the valley has come up with some other fantastic features that pair with the wine perfectly.

  • The Wineries

    Yarra Valley was Victoria’s very first wine-growing district, beginning its vineyard plantation way back in 1838. Today, the Yarra Valley boasts 300 vineyards and 160 wineries, becoming one of the world’s leading cold climate wine-growing regions. Offering a delicious range of wine varieties with particular award-winning drops such as chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and pinot noir. Wineries in the region include the Gateway Estate, Domonique Portet Winery, Rochford Winery, and Killara Estate Winery, just to name a few. Quench your thirst in style with the countless wineries set in five-star luxury, offering floor to ceiling windows, epic gardens, and professional staff to your every need.

  • The Breweries

    Not much of a wine drinker? Perhaps you need a change in taste? Yarra Valley doesn’t just offer delicious wine but has some of the best local beers and ciders around. Take a trip to Napoleon Brewery and Cider House and grab a tasting paddle to try out a range of the brewery’s delights.

  • The Gourmet Cuisines

    Don’t just fill up on wine in this exceptional region, with Yarra Valley offering some of the best local produce Victoria has to offer. Enjoy a five-star lunch or dinner at one of the many winery restaurants, where you can match your food perfectly with your drop of choice. If you have a sweet tooth, Yarra Valley’s Yarra Valley Chocolatey and Ice-Creamery offer hundred different treats to pick from. Letting you watch the masters at work while sampling the goodies and picking your favourite flavour. Otherwise, you can even pick up some of the local produce on your way home, visiting the Yarra Valley’s Gateway Estate that is chock-full with delicious produce ever-changing depending on the season.

  • The Wildlife

    Every way you look, the Yarra Valley is covered in lush greenery. With the vineyards bursting with coloured fruits, the bushland aplenty with native animals, and fields covered in beloved the farm animals. If you prefer an up-close and personal view of the local wildlife, you can visit Healesville Sanctuary, which is jam-packed with koalas, kangaroos, snakes, and much more! Learn about the native animals of the region and store up some cherishing moments for you and your family.

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