What to do in Melbourne at Night

What to do in Melbourne at Night

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/06/2019

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Melbourne is famous for its nightlife, offering endless fun to all types of tourists!

Undoubtedly, Australia’s trendiest city, the dynamic Melbourne is bursting with an eclectic mix of art, food, drinks, sport, and shopping. The cultural capital embraces all people, being the highest amount of multiculturalism in Australia. Blending together to form the iconic fusion style which defines the city’s way of life.

Melbourne promises an eclectic showcase of stunning scenery and plenty of things to do, with daily activities coming out of your ears. But instead of heading back to the hotel for the night, embrace the city’s nightlife and launch yourself into the many activities on offer well after sunset.

  • Zoo Twilights

    Instead of fighting the crowds during the day, skip the throng of kids and head to the zoo at night. Melbourne Zoo is offering tickets for live concerts right next door to the city’s beloved animals. Doors open at 5:30, giving you plenty of time to see all the zoo’s cutest animals before taking a place in the grass to hear the music at 7 pm.

  • Penguin Parade

    It, not just the city that’s alive at night, for one of the greatest outer attractions is only available after sunset. Visit Phillip Island in the afternoon and grab a seat at the Penguin Parade to see the famous Little Penguin. Their name suits them perfectly, as they are the smallest penguins in existence, nesting alongside Phillip Island’s coast. Spending their days hunting in the ocean and waddling up to shore for their bedtime. Penguin Parade offers multiple viewing to see their trek to their nests. Drive yourself or take a tour, getting back to the city around midnight.

  • Rooftops

    Melbournians adore a rooftop, with flocks of locals swarming them in the summer days and hanging out by the outdoor heaters on the winter nights. With rooftops not just offering great bar vibes, but also nightie activities such as outdoor movies or trivia, climbing up a few stories is well worth it. See the exceptional views of the surrounding twinkling city while you kick back and relax.

  • See the Local Music

    Melbourne’s live music scene is legendary, so it’s defiantly worth checking out at least one of the local gig spots. Here you can head to Northside, renowned for the hipsters and music lovers to enjoy a local craft beer and listen to the next big hit.

  • Yarra River Cruise

    Float your way through the city with a Yarra River‘s Cruise. Letting you see the picturesque city lights twinkle above as you slowly drift down the stream. If you are a bit peckish, you can even enjoy a dining experience while marvelling at the sights. Have your troubles melt away as you dig into a hot meal and sip on a delicious sparkling wine on this mesmerisingly journey.

  • Discover the Fusion Food

    Without question, Melbourne is Australia’s foodie capital! Overflowing with an array of restaurants and cafes on offer. Due to their multiculturalism, Melbourne has famously blended together a range of cultures with a contemporary take to form the famous fusion style. Letting visitors experience a modern combination of Asian, Spanish, Italian, and many other cultural food styles to compliment the diverse community. Visit one of the iconic restaurants available, while trying a beloved Melbourne cocktail.

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