What to See and Do on Collins Street

What to See and Do on Collins Street

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/18/2017

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Stroll along this city street and discover all the great attractions scattered along!

Collins Street sits in the heart of Melbourne and is made up of impressive Victorian architecture and a collection of high-end boutiques and shops. Head here if you’re looking for some upmarket fun with a hearty dose of history thrown in for good measure – and don’t forget to end the day with a cocktail or two at one of the prestigious bars that line the street.

The street itself has been Melbourne’s traditional main street since the 1830s, and the eastern end has been dubbed the Paris End because of its heritage buildings and abundance of al fresco dining opportunities. To the west, New York End boasts glass skyscrapers and a reputation as the financial heart of the city.

What to See and Do Along Collins Street

  • Discover the History

    Collins Street is imbued with centuries-old history that is evident in its stunning collection of buildings. You can marvel at the 120-foot spire and the impressive Gothic architecture of the Scots’ Church, and discover old books that date back centuries at the Kay Craddock Antiquarian Bookseller.

    Elsewhere, Art Deco makes an appearance at the Manchester Unity Building, and you can wander through the Block Arcade that links Collins Street to Little Collins Street for some visual history.

  • Shop Until You Drop

    Collins Street is famed for its huge collection of upmarket shopping boutiques. Set inside whimsical buildings, the high-end shops include Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and Luis Vuitton. There are also plenty of top-notch five-star hotels, private clubs, and glitzy jewellers in the Paris End of the street.

  • Enjoy a Drink

    Between the high-end shops along Collins Street, you’ll find hidden away cocktail bars that offer the perfect backdrop for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day shopping. At the Gin Palace, you can indulge in numerous different flavoured gins, or head to Bar Ampere, which is open until the small hours of the morning. Grab a bar snack at Mamasita, and tuck into Thai at Magic Mountain Saloon, or, for live music, head to Boney to catch a band play.

There are plenty of things to keep you occupied along Collins Street, whether you’re looking to spend a pretty penny on some designer clothes, explore the fascinating history that imbues the area, marvel at stunning architecture, or kick back and relax with a deliciously refreshing cocktail in hand at one of the intimate hangouts hidden along the road.

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