Where to get the best coffee in Melbourne

Where to get the best coffee in Melbourne

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/19/2020

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One of the only things Melbournians can do these days is pick up a steamy cup of coffee from their local café.

But luckily, most of the takeaway options on offer are the best in the business, with Melbourne‘s roasters and baristas some of the most accomplished. However, finding out the very best coffee shops near you can turn your weekend around during the pandemic restrictions.

  • Market Lane Coffee Roasters

    If you are into soy, almond, or any alternative to full-fat milk, this café isn’t for you. Only offering full-fat coffee in one size, focusing on delivering one of the best coffees you’ll ever get to try. The shop aims for exceptional sustainability as well, with all their shops in Carlton, Collins Street, South Melbourne, Queen Vic Market passionate about waste and local produce.

  • Dukes Coffee Roasters

    There are plenty of coffee brews to choose from at Duke’s, so no matter your coffee preference, you’ll be pleased here. Located in the stylish Ross House on Flinders Lane, with recycled tile floors, stunning timber, and a warm atmosphere, the cafe oozes charm. A perfect stop when walking about the city streets!

  • Brother Baba Budan

    Brother Baba Budan is famed for its character, with a charming style, sophisticated passion for coffee, and plenty of espressos to go around! Exclusively only serving the Seven Seeds coffee, with fancy coffee styles including nitro-brew, cold drip, or filtered. If you are fussy about your morning drink, this place is sure to leave you satisfied!

  • Atomica Coffee

    It is known as the very first café in Melbourne to roast its coffee in house! A boutique shop bursting with freshly brewed coffee beans and homemade baked goods! Perfect for both those with more refined palettes and others just looking for a charming café to stop into! Make sure you have enough time to line up, however, as it gets pretty popular in the early hours of the morning before everyone heads back to work for the day!

  • The Premises

    This café knows its milk forth, so getting a simple black coffee won’t fly at this store. Serving scrumptious meals to go with their takeaway coffee, you can enjoy a stylish breakfast at home when you pick up these glorious fresh meals on your morning walk! The café uses quality beans from Seven Seeds, blending the sophisticated coffee of Melbourne with plenty of friendly charm!

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