Why you visit the Winter Night Market of Melbourne

Why you visit the Winter Night Market of Melbourne

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/22/2019

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Don’t head back to your hotel rooms just yet, as Melbourne has a perfect nighttime activity for the whole family!

Compared to the rest of Australia during the wintertime, Melbourne might not seem like the perfect place to visit. Being one of the coldest and rainiest cities, its wintertime is similar to a dreary London. However, Melbourne uses the cold to their advantage, warming up the locals and visitors with their weekly winter night market. Featuring the Christmas in July decorations, mulled wine, mouth-watering food, and more! Held at the famous Victoria Market which brings both locals and tourists to its stalls!

  • Shop Stalls

    The night market delights their guests with a range of goodies! From second-hand books, homemade art, and even vintage clothes. Guests can wander the stalls and enjoy the 50 different shops, browsing the bright coloured pieces of art, speciality stalls, and unique goodies.

  • Food on Offer

    No matter your taste, the night market will not disappoint! Ranging in cuisines from all of the worlds, the food stalls take up the majority of the market space. From fried food, to slow-cooked meats, delicious curries, and Mexican fiestas. Even if your partner or posse isn’t craving the same food as you, you can still eat together at the communal dining tables. Tucking into one of the 30 different food stalls on offer.

  • Drinks up for grabs

    What better way to warm up from the cold than with a delicious alcoholic drink? The market is swarming with bar stalls! With local craft beer on tap, a variety of delicious mocktails or cocktails, and even warm mulled wine to warm up even the coldest guest.

  • Sweet Treats to enjoy

    After a delightful dinner and drink, treat yourself to one for the many sweet treats! From chocolate filled croissant, freshly baked custard tarts, and Spanish style doughnuts. There is also the most renowned doughnut truck in the city, famous for its doughy jam doughnuts.

  • Entertainment

    The Victoria Market is buzzing with life, with performances on show for those wandering about, relaxing and drinking, or eating nearby. There are circus performances doing flips and impossible tricks. To live local bands showcasing their talent. There are even unique routines, including an ice sculpture, its failsafe to say that you’ll never be bored.

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