What to See and Do at St Kilda Beach

Melbourne’s most famous beach, St Kilda Beach, is located just 6km from the centre of the city. Stretching out for around 700m, it promises sandy shorelines and a range of waterfront activities between St Kilda Marina and St Kilda Harbour.

According to locals in Melbourne, it’s not summer until you’ve kicked back for a day by the seaside at St Kilda Beach, which can easily be reached via the city tram line from the Central Business District. Along the esplanade, you can watch walkers, joggers, and rollerbladers race by, while the waters make the perfect place to kitesurfers, windsurfers, and swimmers.

Add to this the glut of restaurants, bars, and cafes that line the beach, and you have the backdrop for a memorable and fun day.

St Kilda Beach

What to Do at St Kilda Beach

Wildlife lovers will enjoy the incredible animal encounters on St Kilda Beach. Near the breakwater, there is a resident population of little penguins that burrow in the rocks.

Elsewhere, you can swim in the shallows or kick back and relax on the sandy shores or the grass areas that lie alongside the beach. For the more adventurous, there’s the chance to try windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing, rollerblading, waterskiing, jetskiing, and beach volleyball amongst other active pursuits, and there’s soon to be a skate park set at the end of Albert Park.

Along the beach itself, there is a boardwalk that’s ideal for exploring by bike, and a walking track that takes you from one side of the sand to the other.

The vibe at St Kilda Beach is perhaps the best thing about it, though. The laidback, hip vibe draws in crowds from far and wide, and its huge selection of things to do make it a great weekend escape for everyone, including large families, couples, groups of friends, and everyone in between.

Restaurants on St Kilda’s Beach

If you get hungry at St Kilda Beach, you’re in for a treat. All along the esplanade and beachfront, there are numerous restaurants and cafes that serve a whole host of different cuisines. You’ll find most of St Kilda’s eateries along Fitzroy Street and Acland Street, along with a number of atmospheric wine bars, outdoor terraces that make the perfect summer backdrop, and fine dining restaurants run by some of the country’s best-loved chefs.

Spending the day at St Kilda Beach gives you the chance to experience Melbourne’s coastline, try out some of the amazing activities on offer, and tuck into some delicious food.

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