Degraves Street

Degraves street: A Taste of the Real Melbourne

Melbourne City, Victoria 3000

Known worldwide as the trendiest city in Australia, Melbourne is a paradise for art lovers, foodies, and sports fanatics. The cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne’s embrace of other cultures has created the modern fusion flair which is used in all of Melbourne’s food and style.

Degraves Street

Voyage through the city of Melbourne and see the sights both day and night. Marvel at the architecture of the city buildings such as the Royal Exhibition Building, Parliament House and the Princess Theatre. Enjoy the natural attractions of the city at Fitzroy gardens, with stunning lush plant life perfect for a picnic date. Or cruise down the Yarra River, which is situated in the heart of the city, perfect to spot all the sights at once. Visit the Melbourne churches such as St Patrick’s Cathedral or St Paul’s Cathedral, both beautiful inside and out.

About DeGrave’s Street

The wonderful city of Melbourne has the glowing reputation of being home to some of the country’s friendliest residents, and in the very heart of the city lies the famous Degraves Street. An alley so quaint, welcoming and packed to the brim with cafe’s and restaurants of all kinds, it has become one of the most popular destinations for a meal in the entire city.

Though the whole surrounding area is full of alleyways with cafés, restaurants and shops, none of the others live up to Degrave’s towering reputation. Running between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane, Degraves is a bustling street full of people from around the world who all flock here in search of the ambience and friendly Degraves statmosphere that it is so well-known for. Since it’s located in central Melbourne, Degraves is surrounded by several of the city’s main tourist attractions such as St Paul’s Cathedral only minutes away, which makes it the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat between activities.

The History of the Street

The name ‘Degraves’ is named after the two pioneering merchants, known as William and Charles Degraves. Who was responsible for building a steam-driven flour mill on the street in 1851. The Campbell arcade underpass was then built in 1955, with its original name being the Degraves underpass. This connected Flinders Street station to the laneway, which let walkers take the quick detour to discover a region bursting with shops and artworks.

What Degraves Street Has to Offer

Degraves Street offers the cuisine of many different countries across the globe, from the creamy tomato-filled pizza and pasta of Italy to the light, buttery loaves of bread at the French bakeries, this street is a goldmine for foreign cuisine. Adding the incredible food to the lovely vibe and the multitude of foreigners, it’s no surprise that Degraves Street is often compared to the beautiful streets of Southern Europe.

  • Mouth-watering Restaurants

    Degraves Street Restaurants

    Over the years the restaurants have evolved with the times, with some of the most impressive menus and atmosphere in all of the city. Visit at any time of the day, with the morning promises delicious scrambled eggs or pancakes which are sure to put a spring in your step. For the night-time, the street offers romantic outside dinners with live music and outdoor heating in the wintertime, serving fresh seafood and mouth-watering pasta delights.

  • Perfectly Brewed Coffee

    Melbournians famously run on coffee throughout the day, downing espressos, lattes, and more like no tomorrow. Because of this, they are notoriously known for being picky coffee drinkers, with the countless cafes all competing in serving the most perfectly brewed coffee around. Degraves Street is one of the key coffee spots in the city, making it quite difficult to find a place lining this street doesn’t serve up a caffeinated drink. It has one longest-serving cafe in the laneway, with outdoor Parisian-style tables crowding the street, letting folk rest here in the early mornings or quiet afternoons to recharge.

  • Sweet Treats

    What goes best with a coffee than a sweet treat? The street of Degrave doesn’t want you to go anywhere, serving you an endless supply of sweet that’ll go perfectly with your steaming long black. If you are a bit peckish, Waffle On serves delicious fresh waffles with as many toppings as you like. Otherwise, Little Cupcakes is the best to visit, with such beautifully decorated cupcakes you’ll be hesitant to bite into it.

  • Shop ‘til you Drop

    It’s not just food here that will impress you! With boutique clothes and unique jewellery shops to help you get that famous Melbourne style fashion. Simply head down the street until your bags are full and your wallet is empty, taking a rest with all your new items at one of the cafes nearby.

  • The Live Performances

    The already great appeal of this alley is increased even further by the street performers that are there to entertain you throughout the day. Home to the city’s rising musical and artistic talents, buskers and graffiti artists can often be found displaying their creativity along this cobbled bluestone street, adding a vibrancy to the small, busy alleyway. The street comes alive at night as the lights illuminate the alley and the bars fill up with the cheerful chatter of people enjoying the refreshing evening air.

  • It’s Location

    One huge bonus of this street is how accessible it is from Flinders Street Station since it’s right across the road, it’s a great place to sit and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while you wait for your train to arrive. With the beautiful, old buildings that line the street and the welcoming atmosphere, this little alleyway exudes a charm that draws people in from around the world for a taste of the real Melbourne.

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