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The Different Types of Sports Events at the Etihad Stadium

Sport is a large part of Melbourne life, exemplified by one of the city’s most popular landmarks being a sports ground that hosts an array of different sporting and cultural events throughout the year. The Etihad Stadium (which is also known locally as the Docklands Stadium) can be found in the vibrant and lively Docklands district of the city. The building itself dates back to 1997 when it was tentatively dubbed Victoria Stadium, and construction was finished three years later in 2000. In the first instance, the stadium was built to replace Waverley Park and was created specially to host […]


Getting to Know Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance

Melbourne is a hub of culture, history, and charm, with plenty of landmark attractions to keep visitors busy for weeks. The Shine of Remembrance is one of the most popular landmarks in the city, and can be found on the bustling stretch of St Kilda Road. The shrine itself was built to commemorate all the men and women from Victoria who fought and served in some way in World War I. Today, the meaning of it has expanded to include all Australians that have served in a war. It remains an important site for the annual ANZAC Day celebrations and […]


The National Tennis Centre at Melbourne Park

Melbourne Park is a premier sporting and events venue in the heart of Melbourne that dates back to 1988. Over the years, it has been home to the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament in January as well as hosting events like basketball and netball games, big music concerts, swimming galas, motorsport events, and ice skating championships amongst many other things. The park itself used to be called Flinders Park until the main arena (Centre Court) was renamed to honour Rod Laver’s successful career – he won the Grand Slam twice and made a name for himself as Australia’s greatest […]


The Block Arcade in Melbourne

The Block Arcade can be found in the heart of Melbourne’s central business district, and is a prominent heritage landmark in the area. As well as boasting a well-trod shopping centre, the city’s Golden Mile heritage walk runs right through the middle of it, allowing visitors to soak up the rich history. Formerly known as Carpenter’s Lane, the arcade soon became known simply as “The Block” because of the pre-Victorian Football League matches tradition where women walked one way around the block and men walked the other. The Local shopkeepers petitioned to have the name changed. Today, it is a […]


What to See and Do at St Kilda Beach

Melbourne’s most famous beach, St Kilda Beach, is located just 6km from the centre of the city. Stretching out for around 700m, it promises sandy shorelines and a range of waterfront activities between St Kilda Marina and St Kilda Harbour. According to locals in Melbourne, it’s not summer until you’ve kicked back for a day by the seaside at St Kilda Beach, which can easily be reached via the city tram line from the Central Business District. Along the esplanade, you can watch walkers, joggers, and rollerbladers race by, while the waters make the perfect place to kitesurfers, windsurfers, and […]


Things to Do on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda

Fitzroy Street is the main artery running through the bustling suburb of St Kilda in Melbourne. This major thoroughfare is the most popular part of the district, boasting a vibrant collection of bars, restaurants, shops, and cafes. Running from St Kilda Junction down to the beach, it is the easiest way to get from the centre of Melbourne to the bay that lies on the coast. Its seaside location means it combines both city and beach life, imbuing it with a unique atmosphere that is loved by both locals and tourists alike. The street itself was named after Charles Augustus […]


Belgian and French Chocolate in the Yarra Valley

Just outside of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley unfolds in a delightful show of Australian countryside. While it is most famed for its wineries and contribution to the international wine industry, it is also renowned for something a little sweeter – chocolate. At the Yarra Valley chocolaterie and ice creamery, you can sample local flavours amongst the sprawling expanse of the stunning scenery. Here, you can indulge all your senses with free chocolate tastings and over 250 different varieties of chocolate products to try. The on-site café is perfect for relaxing in and trying a treat or two, and the surrounding […]


The History and Events of Etihad Stadium

Sport is such a huge part of the cultural landscape in Melbourne, so it makes sense that one of the city’s top attractions is a sporting ground home to numerous different games as well as other festivals and events throughout the year. Etihad Stadium, which is also known as the Docklands Stadium thanks to its location, and its previous sponsored names of the Colonial Stadium and Telstra Dome, is set in the bustling and vibrant Docklands precinct in the heart of Melbourne. Work began on the stadium in 1997 when it was given its working name, “Victoria Stadium”. It was […]


What to See and Do on Collins Street

Collins Street sits in the heart of Melbourne and is made up of impressive Victorian architecture and a collection of high-end boutiques and shops. Head here if you’re looking for some upmarket fun with a hearty dose of history thrown in for good measure – and don’t forget to end the day with a cocktail or two at one of the prestigious bars that line the street. The street itself has been Melbourne’s traditional main street since the 1830s, and the eastern end has been dubbed the Paris End because of its heritage buildings and abundance of al fresco dining […]


Yarra Valley’s Great Wall of Chocolate

Chocolate lovers listen up! There’s a delectable place in Melbourne in the heart of the Yarra Valley that will have your sweet tooth satisfied for weeks. The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery provides visitors with an incredibly special experience surrounded by thousands of different types of chocolate. Set amongst the sprawling scenery of one of Australia’s premium winemaking regions, the Chocolaterie is an experience best served up for the whole family. Free chocolate and ice cream tastings come together with sessions from talented chocolatiers and the chance to try more than 250 different chocolate products using a variety of […]