Guide to Melbourne

By far Australia’s trendiest city, Melbourne is jam-packed with many hidden wonders. Let’s discover the best things to do in Melbourne!

Visit MelbourneCredit: Visit Victoria

Known for its art, food, cocktails, sport and shopping, the city is one of the most diversely unique cities in the entire world. The city is diverse in its appearance, with both European and New York vibes scattered about on certain streets. But for the most part, Melbourne is uniquely Melbourne, with the 230-plus laneways that weave about the heart of city blocks, famed for their world-class street art, and trendy restaurants and bars hidden among them— it’s no question no matter what path you take, Melbourne has something new to discover around every corner.

Melbourne’s Culture

It is the cultural capital of Australia, over the years Melbourne has embraced and brought a wide range of other cultures together to form a unique and progressive fusion style, which defines Melbourne’s food and chic. Melbourne’s incredibly fusion style can be shown in the city’s churches, festivals, events, and most importantly, food.

Melbourne’s Historic Landmarks

  • Shrine of Remembrance

    Shrine of Remembrance

    One of Melbourne’s icons, the Shrine of Remembrance is found in the heart of the city centre. A grand memorial honouring the Victorians who have served in war and peacekeeping, particularly those were killed in World War I. The building was completed in 1934, the classical design nestled within the perfectly manicured gardens. Inside, there is a gallery of medals covering a 40-metre- wall, holding over 4,000 different medals, each of which represents 100 Victorians who have served in a war. The shrine’s upper balcony also offers exceptional panoramic views of Melbourne’s skyline. The Shrine of Remembrance remains the most significant site for the annual ANZAC Day celebrations and Remembrance Day, hosting ceremonies and parades during the day.

  • St Paul’s Cathedral

    St Paul's Cathedral

    This iconic landmark can easily be spotted in between Melbourne’s shiny skyscrapers and busy streets, with St Paul’s Anglican cathedral styled in the Gothic Revival fashion. Consecrated in 1891, the building was designed by the distinguished ecclesiastical architect William. The church features cream and grey stone, stained-glass windows, and Victorian-era tiling.

  • Flinders Street Station

    Flinders street Station

    Ever since its completion in 1854, Flinders Street Station has been the heart of Melbourne City. The gateway to many of Melbourne’s outer suburbs and regions, as it is the main station that connects all lines. It is the oldest train station in the entire country, showcasing a historic design of the yellow facade and a green copper dome. Recently, the station has undergone even more development, with multi-coloured lighting it up after sunset. The railway station sits on the edge of Flinders and Swanston street, seeing thousands of commuters and travellers pass through its doors and by its steps every day. You don’t even need to hop on a train to visit this iconic landmark, with the building’s beauty an attraction in itself.

Melbourne’s Worthwhile Attractions

  • Federation Square

    Federation Square

    Regardless of the Melburnians spilt love or hate for Federation’s architecture, this landmark is embraced by the locals. Events, festivals, exhibitions, and even protest all occupy Fed Square’s space, with both indoor and outdoor happenings. You don’t even need to step inside Fed Square’s indoors to witness the landmark, as the forecourt paved with 460,000 hand-laid cobblestones is as much a part of it than anything.

  • Eureka Skydeck

    Eureka Skydeck

    Even if you are afraid of heights, you can’t miss the best lookout in Melbourne; the Eureka Skydeck! It is the city’s tallest building, a whopping 297 metre-high made up of 88 floors. Visitors can travel up to the top in less than 40 seconds with one of the fastest elevators, and marvel at the epic 360 sights of the city and beyond.

  • Yarra River Cruise

    Yarra River Cruise

    The calm waters of the Yarra River weave its way through the bustling city of Melbourne. Passing by countless restaurants, bars, and art spots, heading straight towards the Docklands area. Many travellers hop on the famous Yarra River Cruise, joining the premium touring coach and heading down the river for a new angle on the city.

Melbourne’s Food and Drink Spots

  • Queen Victoria Market

    Queen Victoria Market

    With over 600 traders, the Victoria Market, fondly known as the ‘Vic Market’ is the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere. Jam-packed with incredible produce, from fresh fruit and veg to delicious loaves of bread, to a smorgasbord of cheeses, the Vic Market has something for even the pickiest eater. The market is crowded with stalls and booming cries of spruiking stallholders, only open during the early mornings and Wednesday nights during the summertime.

  • Chinatown

    China Town, Melbourne

    For more than 150 years this section of Melbourne has been the centre of the city’s Chinese community. A vibrant neighbourhood bursting with historic buildings and mouth-watering food delights. The Chinese style cuisines bring herds of locals and tourists to this must-do attractions, with the city’s best dumplings and yum cha around!

Melbourne’s Sports

Not only is it the cultural capital, but Melbourne is also widely recognised as the sporting capital of Australia.

Sport is such a huge part of the cultural landscape in Melbourne, with massive stadiums and dedicated fans covering Melbourne city.

  • Marvel Stadium

    Marvel Stadium

    This Stadium has had many names, known as Etihad, Docklands, Colonial Stadium and the Telstra Dome. But these days, ever since its name change in 2018, it has been dubbed Marvel Stadium. Despite its everchanging names, it remains a local favourite, Nestled in the vibrant Docklands precinct. Here around 50,000 visitors can enjoy an AFL game, cricket match, Rugby Union test, and even rare music concert.

  • MCG


    At a capacity of 100,000 people, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is one of the world’s great sporting venues. It is Melbourne’s central sporting ground, hosting cricket in the summer and AFL (in winter. The gigantic sporting ground sits the tidy lawns of Yarra Park, walking distance from the nearby Richmond and city surrounds.

Melbourne’s Outdoor Attractions

  • Brighton Bathing Boxes

    Brighton Bathing Boxes

    Head out to Melbourne’s coastline to discover the classy beach spot of Brighton Beach. In this coastal suburb is the Brighton Bathing Boxes, 82 distinctive multi-coloured beach huts that line the sandy foreshore. They are one of the most photographed spots in the entire city, with their bright colours contrasting beautifully with the white sand.

  • St Kilda Beach

    St Kilda Beach

    Summertime in Melbourne isn’t summer until you’ve spent a day by the iconic St Kilda Beach. A simple tram ride away from the heart of the city gets you right in the St Kilda action. The foreshore is a hive of activity, as walkers, joggers and rollerbladers stroll down the smooth concrete path. Others sunbake in the sun or grass, enjoying a picnic or a perfect view of the coast. The countless restaurants and bars are also a plus, all found scattered about the coastal region.

  • Royal Botanic Gardens

    Royal Botanic Gardens

    Next door to Melbourne’s city centre is 94-acre gardens of lush greenery. Dubbed one of the finest Victorian-era landscaping in the world, the mini-ecosystems is home to unique plants, colourful flowers, a herb garden, and an Indigenous rainforest. Be one of the two million visitors who immerse themselves in this natural wonder.