5 things to do in Docklands

5 things to do in Docklands

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/18/2023

Reading time: 2 mins

Docklands has waterfront dining, great shopping complexes, and all sorts of entertainment.

Docklands is a bustling area in Melbourne with shopping centres, a main train station, and a football stadium. There is always something for you to get up to during the week and even the weekends while in the Docklands.

1. District Docklands

District Docklands is a quieter shopping centre compared to other major city ones. At the District, you can go shopping at some Australian and international brands, grab a bite to eat or enjoy entertainment from movies, ArtVo gallery, and mini golf.

For a limited time at District Docklands, there is the Friends Experience! Immerse yourself into the Friends world and learn about the show’s history. You can recreate the iconic scenes from the couch to the fountain and of course Central Perk.

2. Docklands Stadium

Docklands Stadium, currently known as Marvel Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium for entertainment and sports. The stadium hosts sports games like AFL, an Aussie favourite, as well as other sporting events like cricket and soccer. Marvel Stadium has major concerts including Coldplay, Harry Styles, and P!nk.

3. Spencer Outlet Centre

The place to get some of the best deals at some of the biggest brands! The shopping centre is located right at Southern Cross Station and nearby Docklands Stadium.

All year round there are deals at Spencer Outlet Centre, making it perfect for you to buy something new for yourself or a gift for family or friends.

There are also some eateries for a bite to eat to keep you going on your shopping adventure.

4. O’Brien Icehouse

Never been ice skating before or wanted to get back on the ice rink? Come visit O’Brien Icehouse and spend a few hours doing some laps! There are helmets and skates you can hire on the day you come into the Icehouse.

5. Eateries

Docklands provide some great eateries for all kinds of authentic foods to eat. There are plenty of restaurants along the waterfront including Cargo Bar, Berth, and Squires Loft Docklands.

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