How do you get around the Yarra Valley?

How do you get around the Yarra Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/29/2021

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The Yarra Valley is, without a doubt, one of Australia’s wine regions. Not only that, but it is probably the Aussie region that produces the very best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with legendary wineries like Oakridge Wines and Seville Estate serving up wonderful vintages in cool surroundings with delightful food to accompany it all!

Hot Air Balloon in the Yarra Valley

The best thing about the Yarra Valley is that it’s a massive region and is therefore pretty easy to navigate. All you have to do is hop in a car (with designated driver, mind you!), partake in a wonderful Yarra Valley winery tour or jump aboard a tour bus that will take you to many of the region’s world class cellar doors – it’s that simple!

So, pack your smartest attire and get your tasting palate ready because here are some of the awesome activities that await you in the sparkling Yarra Valley…

Wine, duh!

Yes, wine! The Yarra Valley has plenty of it and in world class quality. Whatever drop tickles your fancy most: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cab Sav – you’re bound to find it in this most fertile part of Australia.

Not only this, but the Yarra Valley is a region that takes its cellar doors and winery restaurants very seriously, with luxurious estates serving up fine wine with sumptuous local produce.

Be sure to head to the likes of the aforementioned Oak Ridge Wines, Seville Estate, TarraWarra Estate and Yering Station for great vibes, ideal locations and delectable produce.

Hot air balloon ride

One thing the Yarra Valley is renowned for, aside from its endless stream of divine vino, is the hot air balloon ride – and it’s pretty easy to see why. Any wine region is sure to look fabulous from above, and none are more spectacular than this gorgeous landscape of greens, golds, reds and yellows in the morning sun.

However, we do recommend doing this on the morning of your wine tastings, especially if you plan to get a little tipsy (you might not be so keen for it the morning after a session!).

Trails, glorious walking trails!

You have to balance out a life of lavish libation with a little exercise and fresh air, right? Well, maybe you disagree, but if you don’t, the Yarra Valley has plenty of charming walks that will clear up the senses the day after a boozy tour.

Our pick of the bunch is the Donna Buang walking track – it’s an utterly tranquil hike through lush fern forests and mountain ash trees.

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Cameron Ward
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