Is anything open in Melbourne?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/21/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Gee, a tragic question for our times.

Yes, Melbourne has copped it severely throughout the pandemic, and at the time of writing (17/01/22) the city’s cultural events are being arbitrarily cancelled, especially with arts and hospitality staff in iso and dancing and singing currently banned at concerts (queue Footloose music).

However, this is all just temporary: we know Melbourne will be back. Despite two years of seemingly endless lockdowns and now a bummer summer we really weren’t expecting with our post-vaxxed confidence, Melbourne is a thoroughly awesome city that will continue to be in no time!

These unforgettable experiences will await travellers who have heard all about the city’s reputation for a good time:

The footy

Melbourne is home to Australia’s most beloved sport (sorry rugby fans, but you know it’s true). The Australian Football League, colloquially known as “Aussie Rules”, is a gruelling contest between outrageously fit athletes vying for a place to play in the season’s grand final.

You cannot visit Melbourne in the months between February and September and not check out a footy game – the passion and rivalry between clubs and their fans alone makes the spectacle worthwhile.

If you’re heading to your first game then you’re in for an awesome time: just pick a team from the two that are playing and you’ve got yourself a team for life!

Music gigs

Yeah, dancing and singing may be off the cards for now, but this won’t last, and Melbourne will regain its reputation as being one of the world’s ultimate live music towns.

From St Kilda through the CBD, into Collingwood, Northcote and beyond, our city is home to hundreds of live music venues and plays host to some 60,000 concerts every year!

With this in mind, you can be sure that you can pretty much head out any night of the week and find yourself grooving to anything from punk to jazz, salsa to afrobeat, rock and everything in between.

The gardens

Melbourne isn’t a city that has one central garden that forms the basis of our green spaces – Melbourne is home to plenty of stunning gardens! Sure, we do have the Botanic Gardens, but we also have Fitzroy Gardens, Carlton Gardens, the St Kilda Botanic Gardens and so much more.

They are all beautifully manicured and perfect for a stroll in this still super fresh city…


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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