Lygon Street, Carlton

Lygon Street, Carlton

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/16/2016

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Running through the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, Lygon Street is truly a stunning street to visit!

Set in the heart of Melbourne City, Lygon Street brings a taste of Italian life to the bustling cosmopolitan centre of Australia. Spanning the suburbs of Carlton, and running through Carlton North, Princes Hill and Brunswick East, Lygon Street has been the go-to place for Italian enthusiasts for decades, and there are plenty of places to tuck into European dishes, knock back European wines, and generally soak up the vibrant traditions of Italy.

  • An Italian Market

    Lygon Street acts a bit like an Italian market, with numerous delicatessens flaunting their goods for everyone to indulge in. From fresh meat served up on traditional marble counters, to cheese shops packed full of mozzarella and every Italian cheese under the sun, bakeries that boast artisan breads and hark back to yesteryear, shops selling wooden boxes filled with fresh pasta, and wineries stocking Italian labels and prize-winning Prosecco.

  • A Different Dining Experience

    Lygon Street serves up some of the best Italian food in the country, from cutting-edge pizzerias to traditional, intimate venues that have been family-run for numerous years.

    As well as contemporary eateries that serve up new takes on pizza, pasta, and pastry dishes, Lygon Street is also home to the first pizzeria in Australia – a firm favourite amongst visitors and locals alike.

    There are plenty of places to soak up the nostalgic atmosphere of Europe, where pasta menus are two or three pages long, and the coffees served are some of the strongest in Australia. Many simply sit out on restaurant’s outdoor tables and engulf the delicious cuisines on offer, while they people watch and catch up with friends!

  • Gelato and Coffee

    Lygon Street wouldn’t be quite the same without its collection of gelato and coffee bars – an Italian must-have. There are plenty of trendy espresso bars serving up tiny drinks to passers-by, while the longest-running gelateria, Casa del Gelato, is tucked neatly away between the folds of Italian history.

  • Festivals

    Lygon Street is also home to the Lygon Street Festa, one of the best-loved and largest outdoor street festivals in the country, bringing parades, stalls, and street food from Europe to the people of Melbourne. There’s also the La Mama Theatre and Courthouse Theatre for some evening entertainment once the pizza and Prosecco has been washed down.

  • Other Worthwhile Spots

    Lygon Street doesn’t just have to be for those with a foodie passion, as there are a number of worthwhile places to visit here. There are unquie and stylish cinemas showing new releases or classic movies, as well as a number of book stores and boutique shops great for browsing!

    You can even skip on buying a meal and can try your hand at making your own traditional Italian cuisine! Enoteca Sileno is a wine bar and grocery store that doubles up as a classroom. Upstairs, visitors can enrol into one-off lessons that teach the ropes of Italian cooking, from beginner classes in pasta making, to masterclasses in the art of Italian flavours.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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