Things to Do on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda

Things to Do on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/30/2017

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Found in Melbourne’s beachside suburb, Fitzroy Street is crammed full of exceptional activities and attractions!

Fitzroy Street is the main road running through the bustling suburb of St Kilda, a suburb in Melbourne. This major thoroughfare is the most popular part of the district. It boasts a vibrant collection of bars, restaurants, shops, and cafes.

Running from St Kilda Junction down to the beach, it is the easiest way to get from the centre of Melbourne to the bay that lies on the coast. You can take a bus or a tram to get to the beach. Its seaside location means it combines both city and beach life. The mix of the vibrant city and beach life imbues it with a unique atmosphere that is loved by both locals and tourists alike.

The street itself was named after Charles Augustus FitzRoy. He was the Governor of New South Wales back in 1842 when the suburb was first subdivided.

The avenue is wide enough to fit in a tram line as well as two sides of shops and restaurants for visitors to enjoy and explore. If you find yourself in the area, there is plenty to keep you busy. Whether you want to watch some of Melbourne’s much-loved live music or kick back and relax on the pristine sands of St Kilda Beach. There is so much to do in this area!

Things to Do on Fitzroy Street

· Bars, restaurants, and cafes

The most prominent venues you’ll find on the street are cosy bars, authentic restaurants, and cafes perfect for people watching. The eateries serve every kind of food imaginable from all around the globe. Meanwhile, the bars often host live music events that bring to life Melbourne’s rich cultural scene.

Folk can spend the morning munching on a delicious breakfast while breathing in the cool sea breeze. Experience the deliciousness of Melbourne’s coffee scene. Grab a coffee and people watch or read a book. Spend lunchtime with a beer and burger, then visit one of the local dessert shops for a yummy pastry. End the night nibbling on an antipasto platter with a couple of bottles of wine!

· Stop by some of the small shops

There are lots of shops located along Fitzroy Street, filled with goodies ready to be discovered. Stop at an op shop for a new book or a breezy top. Buy some wine to bring back with you to your accommodation. Stop by a bookstore and browse the shelves of books recommended by the local staff.

Pop into any shop along Fitzroy Street whether you are looking for something to buy or just browsing. You’re sure to find something unique to remember your day in the vibrant beachside suburb!

· Theatre and the arts

There is also plenty of art to soak up in the area, from live theatre performances to galleries and boutique shops to browse. Stroll the street and pop into anywhere that takes you fancy!

If you are travelling during a particular festival time, you can see the street come to life in the festival theme. You will see everything from food festivities and wine events to epic music concerts. Bringing together the local food, arts, and good times in Melbourne’s beachside suburb!

Some great places to see shows nearby include the Palais Theatre, George Lane, and the Prince Bandroom.

· Relax by the bay

If you aren’t much for activities, Fitzroy Street opens out onto a lush bay that hugs the coast of Melbourne. Here, you can grab a drink at one of the beachside bars and watch the sunset over the lively area. Take a dip in the ocean when the waters are warm, or simply kick back and relax on the sands after a day of exploring the shops. However you choose to spend your day, you’ll come across heaps of fun experiences.

Fitzroy Street combines the dynamic, edgy side of Melbourne with the laidback atmosphere of beach life. There’s a little something for everyone here. You can choose to try international cuisine, grab a drink at a contemporary bar, or simply soak up the vibrant personality of one of Melbourne’s most popular attractions.

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