What is there to do in the Yarra Valley this weekend?

What is there to do in the Yarra Valley this weekend?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/25/2022

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The Yarra Valley is one of Australia’s top wine regions, producing some of our most wonderful chardonnay and pinot noir. With legendary names like Greenstone Vineyards, Balgownie Estate, Yering Farm Estate and Soumah all producing top vintages, it’s easy to see why the Yarra Valley is Melbourne’s ultimate go-to for winery hopping!

But the fun and excitement doesn’t stop there, as the Yarra Valley also plays host to plenty of awesome activities to enjoy outside of the obligatory tipple. The Yarra Valley is the ideal spot for everything from hot air ballooning to forest walking, with the likes of the Cement Creek Redwood Forest providing tranquil rural walks amongst stunningly lush surroundings.

What’s more, the legendary Rochford Wines doubles as one of Victoria’s top event spaces, hosting big name acts from Oz and overseas. All you have to do is check out their calendar to find tickets from some seriously awesome artists.

But, of course, the food and wine is always going to be Yarra Valley’s main drawcard, and if you’re planning a little winery tour, hens, bucks, birthday party or something else on short notice, be sure to tick off these spots for your Yarra Valley weekend:

Greenstone Vineyards

The Greenstone cellar door is an experience like no other, showcasing the very best wine that comes from the ancient and fertile grounds amongst some truly immaculate scenery.

With a range of tasting experiences, including those that perfectly pair with local cheeses, Greenstone Vineyards is an experience not to be missed!

Soumah of the Yarra Valley

Another stunning winery, but this time with a lavish trattoria, Soumah focuses on delivering their world class vintages alongside northern Italian cuisine: woodfired pizza, sumptuous antipasti, pastas, cheeses, desserts and more.

But, perhaps what truly takes the baba cake is their “Merenda” option – a joyous spread of all things delectably Italian: duck terrine, burrata cheese, cured meats, cannoli – it’s simply molto bene…

YV Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

It seems that with every good Aussie wine region there is always a super fine chocolaterie to complement its fine wine! The YV Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery is absolutely no exception, serving up outrageously tasty chocolate delights for friends, families, hungover wine connoisseurs and whoever else wants to indulge their sweet tooth in the gorgeous Yarra Valley.


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