What to See and Do in the Kings Domain Gardens

The sprawl of the Kings Domain Gardens can be found in the bustling heart of Melbourne. Surrounding Government House Reserve and encompassing a selection of memorials and shrines, it offers the perfect place to relax away from the hubbub of the city centre.

Established back in 1854, the park now covers around 36 hectares of beautiful lawns and manicured pathways that are a far-cry from the busy streets of central Melbourne. Along the twisting collection of trails, you can marvel at the impressive selection of native trees, as well as a number of picturesque statues that stand guard over pretty flowers.

The natural beauty of the Gardens came about in the 19th century, when the Kings Domain was run by the Director of the Botanic Gardens. During this time, lots of trees and plant life were installed.

Kings Domain itself is part of a bigger collection of parklands located directly to the south-east of the city between popular St. Kilda Road and the Yarra River. This area is known as the Domain Parklands, and also consists of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Alexandra Gardens, and the Queen Victoria Gardens.

What to See in the Kings Domain Gardens

The Sidney Myer Music Bowl

This world-famous impressive piece of architecture acts as a popular outdoor music and performance venue. Opened in 1959 by Prime Minister Robert Menzies, it is now a popular place for locals to hang out and see some rising talent.

The Shrine of Remembrance

This is one of the largest war memorials in the country, built to remember the men and women of Victoria who fought and died in the World War I. However, it soon became one of Australia’s major memorials to commemorate every single Australian who served in the war – not just those from Victoria.

Government House

The official residence and office of the Governor of Victoria can be found amongst the lush greenery of the Kings Domain Gardens. Built in the 1870s, it boasts an impressive Italianate style with extravagant features and an elegant design that reflects the booming economy that arose after the local gold rushes.

La Trobe’s Cottage

This historic cottage dates back to 1839, when it was built for the first superintendent of the Port Phillip District. It was made using prefabricated materials from England and is one of the few of its kind that is still standing today. It gives a fascinating look into the architecture of the early colonial period, as well as an insight into the living arrangements and domestic life.

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