Where to eat in Melbourne

Where to eat in Melbourne

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/05/2019

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Melbourne is the Australian food heaven, with the kind of variety you won’t find anywhere else.

Melbourne is renowned for its food scene, compared to high-end food cities such that it’s up there with places like New York City or London. It is a multi-cultural paradise, offering delicious fusion style meals that are traditional to Japan, Thailand, and more, but has it’s on Melbourne twist to make it truly unique. From fine dining venues to laneway holes in the wall, no matter what style restaurant you visit, you’ll leave with a full stomach and satisfied grin. Take a look at our top picks of the best places to enjoy a meal in this bustling city!

  • Rice Queen

    North Melbourne offers a true city-edge lifestyle. Known for its vibrant and groovy culture, the area is filled with local music, modern art, and cool bars. It is the birthplace of the Melbourne indies, teaming with tattooed bartenders, cycling musicians, and café snobs. Rice Queen is one of the area’s best restaurants, located on the famous Brunswick street. The restaurant is jam-packed with red and pink lanterns highlighted against the dark walls and tables. This romantic style goes excellently with the menu, offering nibbles of Asian fusion food along with brilliantly creative cocktails. The area even has a Karaoke Room at the back of the space, letting you sing your heart out after you filled your belly to the brim.

  • Arbory Eatery and Bar

    Enjoy your dinner with a view at Arbory Eatery and Bar, the perfect place an Aussie summer meal! Located right in the heart of the city, it sits right along the Yarra River and opposite the famous federation square. Here you can people watch and see the sunset reflect on the river as you tuck into some delicious nibbles and a Melbourne craft beer.

  • Pontoon

    St Kilda is Melbourne’s stunning spot by the sea. Promising plenty of bars, a crowded beach, and even a theme park. Park yourself at Pontoon to sit right outside along the coast where you can enjoy a stunning view of the ocean. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an adventure after dinner or a peaceful walk with a coastline view, you won’t want to miss St Kilda.

  • Chin Chin

    Experience Melbourne’s famous fusion food. With its classic city style restaurant that serves a delicious range of Asian inspired food, blending together Malaysian, Thailand, Vietnamese and Indian, all with the signature Melbourne chic. Located in the heart of the city centre, Chin Chin has a modern take on an old school hawker dining hall. Always teaming with cramped tables and loud chatting, the atmosphere is stylish and controlled chaos. With an underground bar serving unique cocktails for those who wait for a table, Chin chin perfectly offers both the classic Melbourne bar and restaurant feel.

  • Victoria Market

    For a more laid-back meal, visit the Queen Victoria Market on a summer Wednesday night! The market heats up on hump day, with over 150 different stalls offering a range of delicious local grub. Sit down and enjoy some local music as you people watch the bustling crowds.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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