Marvel Stadium

Etihad Stadium (Marvel Stadium), Melbourne

Docklands, Victoria 3008

Sport is such a huge part of the cultural landscape in Melbourne, so it makes sense that one of the city’s top attractions is a sporting ground home to numerous different games as well as other festivals and events throughout the year.

Marvel Stadium

Etihad Stadium has had many names, with it’s currently being Marvel Stadium, changed to this in 2018. Before this, it was also known as the Docklands Stadium thanks to its location. Its previous sponsored names included the Colonial Stadium and Telstra Dome. But despite its everchanging names, it remains a local favourite, set in the bustling and vibrant Docklands precinct in the heart of Melbourne.

The History of Marvel Stadium

The first conceptualisation of the stadium was on the 31st October 1996 when it was planned to replace the larger venue of Waverley Park as the headquarters of the Australian Football League. It was chosen that the stadium would be constructed in Docklands, at the time a vast and predominantly empty part of the city. This was in part due to the fact that it was close to the city, and therefore public transport access and a substantial area for parking made it the optimal choice. After the establishment of the stadium, the area grew and it’s now a busy and integral part of the city thanks to the building of the stadium with many businesses and high-rises being constructed in the area.

The first match ever played on the ground was a momentous occasion and saw Essendon take on Port Adelaide. Crowd numbers reached more than 43,000 at that game and marked the start of the 2000 Australian Football League season.

Work began on the stadium in October 1997 when it was given its working name, “Victoria Stadium”. It was completed three years later in 2000 after a spend of $460 million in Australian dollars.

The stadium was first built as a replacement for Waverley Park and was intended to be used predominantly for Australian rules football. Today, it remains a key sporting venue in the city but is also the headquarters of the Australian Football League, which has exclusively owned the arena since 2016.

As well as Australian rules football, Etihad Stadium is also home to a number of other events, both sporting and otherwise, including Twenty20 cricket matches, Melbourne Victory Association football matches, rugby league and rugby union matches, and special cultural events and concerts.

What to See and Do at Marvel Stadium

As well as seeing one of the city’s most beloved venues that plays host Australia’s most beloved teams, the stadium is also home to a number of other cultural and sporting events throughout the year. Etihad Stadium forms a large part of the cultural happenings in Melbourne, and a visit not only uncovers its interesting history and key sporting fixtures but gives you an insight into the burgeoning entertainment industry.

Sport is a large part of Melbourne life, exemplified by one of the city’s most popular landmarks being a sports ground that hosts an array of different sporting and cultural events throughout the year.  So, grab a meat pie and a pot of beer and sit amongst the locals as they cheer for the exhilarating game before you. With both day and night games available, you can fit a game in easily no matter your busy schedule.

The Different Types of Sports Events at the Marvel Stadium

  • Australia Football League


    Huge football games are played at the stadium throughout the season, and you can buy tickets to watch one of them while visiting the city.

  • Twenty20 Cricket Matches

    For cricket lovers, the Etihad Stadium has a range of Twenty20 cricket matches in its grounds.

  • Rugby League and Rugby Union

    As well as cricket and football, there are plenty of rugby union and rugby league games for visitors to watch, featuring some of the best teams from around the world.

  • Australian Speedway Grand Prix

    The Speedway Grand Prix is also hosted at the Etihad Stadium for something a little more adrenalin pumping. Once a year, visitors can watch world-famous names whizz around the track to compete for the top spot.

  • Festivals and Music Concerts


    It’s not just sport that brings the fans to Marvel Stadium, but the music as well! With a jam-packed schedule of musical concerts set to play at the Marvel Stadium, with many past celebrity musicians already making an appearance in the past. Enjoy a boogie and sing along to your favourite tunes in one of Marvel’s epic music nights!

  • Special Events

    Throughout the year there are many occasions that are unique. With religious events, special sporting games, and even someone of a kind celebration. With unusual sporting events in Australia including the motorbike racing, including 2019’s AUS-X Open Melbourne, promising the largest international supercross and action sports event ever held outside of the United States of America. Other unique events include the International convention of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Held over 3 days for an informative experience.

    The Etihad Stadium is the epicenter of sports culture in Melbourne, and it is the perfect place to start exploring the history of sport in the city. As well as watching key sporting fixtures and seeing some of the best teams in the world play on the pitch, visitors can also enjoy a range of events, concerts, and festivals that are held there throughout the year.

Function Rooms in the Marvel Stadium

  • Victory

    Being the largest and most versatile function room in Marvel Stadium, its undoubtedly quite full of bookings. Being either a massive room, or four smaller sections, the venue space offers visual demonstrations, dance space, conference areas, and more! Perfect for large businesses to host their Christmas parties, large conferences, or to schmooze their new clients.

  • Medallion Club

    It’s renowned for being the most exclusive function facility. With a large outdoor balcony promising views over the Victoria Harbour, visitors can enjoy a summer day out in the sun or a romantic evening among the stars. With a large open indoor space, guests can enjoy the particular event from the outdoor seating, before coming inside to enjoy the indoor entertainment. One simple word to describe the venue is stylish, with delicious dinners served à la carte, with a long bar serving unique cocktails and locally brewed beer.

  • Southside Place

    A brand-new cocktail place promising a sophisticated night filled with stunning ground views and award-winning service. With plenty of tables and standing space with room for up to 300 guests, the Southside Place is perfect for a romantic date night or a catch up with friends.

  • Garden Gate

    Blending together the art style of Melbourne, with the skyline view of its skyscrapers. With both indoor and outdoor space, perfect for both summer and wintertime. Designed for lunch and afternoon drinks, the Garden Gate offers an everchanging range of food trucks that go perfectly with the local beers and wines served here. Enjoy a delicious Melbourne style cocktail as you enjoy the lively atmosphere this venue promises.

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