See an AFL Game

See an AFL Game

Unsure what the fuss is all about? Take a look at our guide of Aussie Football and get into the sporting spirit!

The Australian Football League, affectionately nicknamed the AFL by the locals! It is a sport beloved by millions of Australians, but past the country’s borders, AFL has not much of a fan base or even a distinguished reputation. Due to this limited fame, most tourists travelling to Australia will have very little knowledge about the sport. For the sports fanatics, MCG hosts a large range of sporting events. With a range of seating selections, starting from front row seats to the action, to dining experiences, seeing the sport beyond the restaurant’s clear glass walls. To see the local sport, watch the Australian Footy League. This fast-paced game is the most popular sport in the country, so get ready for a screaming crowd.


The History of AFL

The invention of the game started in 1857, when Tom Willis, one of the main founders of Aussie Football, returned home from England boarding school. He initially thought of football as an off-season sport to keep the cricketers fit throughout the year. Willis, cousin Harrison, Hammersley and Thompson, formed the Melbourne Football Club on August 7, 1858, with the game’s first recorded match that same year. The game quickly became a hit, with it growing an exceptional amount with a number of teams created that are still active today in the Australian Football League.

The Rules of AFL

There is only one ball in football, but until the round soccer ball or basketballs, the Aussie football is an oval shape. Players can hold this ball and pass it to other teammates by kicking or handballs. They fight for possession by intercepts and tackling, as AFL is a contact sport. The objective of the game is to kick it between the posts located at each end of the oval, similar to rugby. By kicking the ball between the goal posts reward the team 6 points, while if the ball is touched or between the behind posts, they reward only a point.

Where can you see it in Melbourne?

There is no greater place to see the Aussie Sport than at the roaring stadium of the MCG. This state-of-the-art stadium is one of the biggest in the country and is the home base for the AFL’s Grand Final. Otherwise, there is the smaller, but still just as grand Marvel Stadium. Which is a large part of the cultural happenings in Melbourne, with both a interesting history and jam-packed sporting fixtures sure to excite even the fusiest sport fan. There is no better way of seeing the culture and love of this sport than at a Friday or Saturday game amongst the screaming local fans. The season starts from March all the way until the end of September, but be warned the closer to the finals, the harder it is to book seats. If you’d prefer a fancier setting than the plastic organises seats, try out on the fine dining experiences offer for guests.

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