5 Things to Do in St Kilda For First Time Visitors

5 Things to Do in St Kilda For First Time Visitors

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/28/2019

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Revel in the chaos of Melbourne and see the fabulous art, food and sporting attractions hidden throughout!

Famed for its style and culture, Melbourne is a must-do destination when traveling through Australia. Its art scene is renowned throughout the world, found not just in the city’s galleries but the laneways scattered about. It has an abundance of restaurants and bars, offering a range of multi-cultural cuisine. The list goes on, with sport, shopping, history, and more all great features in this great city. But one of its greatest assets is St Kilda, its bustling coastal suburb which features incredible beach spots, iconic attractions, and some of the best nightlife around. Still not convinced? Follow our guide on what you can do in St Kila and enjoy a perfect city and beach holiday!

  • Let Your Fun Side Come Out at Luna Park

    For kids both young and old journey under the iconic face of Mr Moon and into the city’s premier amusement park. Luna Park is located in the bohemian suburb of St. Kilda and home to the world oldest operating wood rollercoaster; the Great Scenic Railway. Opening in 1912 to great acclaim, Luna Park has continued to excite children for over one hundred years with rides such as the Speedy Beetle, Mirror Maze and Twin Dragon. For only $5 dollars entry, you can choose to just wander around the outdoor complex and explore the historic grounds without having to commit to purchasing any ticket rides.

  • Find Hidden Treasures at the Esplanade Market

    This iconic St Kilda market was established in 1970 between Fitzroy Street and Acland Street growing from a small arts and craft market to now featuring over 250 stalls. Every Sunday you’ll find souvenirs, art, jewellery and more with live entertainment from local artists and buskers. The market has become a staple of the suburb with many locals venturing down on a early Sunday morning to pick up homeware products and food produce. A new addition to the market is a Vegan Market section that features locally made and ethically sourced products.

  • Catch a show at the Palais Theatre

    This art deco building first opened in 1927 and is currently undergoing renovations to restore it to its former glory. Over time, the theatre’s famous guests have skyrocketed the building to the title of Victoria’s premier live music and entertainment venue with performances from the Rolling Stones and Tenacious D to name a few. But that’s not all there is to see there, the Russian Ballet is known to make it’s home the Palais Theatre when it touches down in Victoria, and the 2500 seat theatre also holds live comedy shows, opera, school concerts and plays.

  • Make waves at St. Kilda Beach

    Only 6 kilometres away from Melbourne’s city centre is the ever-popular St. Kilda beach. The 700-metre-long stretch of sand is a home away from home for the locals and tourists who come to lie on the sandy shore and soak up the golden sun rays. If you think this beach is only a summer activity, think again! Winter is a great time to make your way down to the beach as the Little Penguins clamber onto the shore for nesting.

  • Explore the lush scenery of the St. Kilda Botanic Gardens

    Opened from sunrise to sunset each day, these gardens have a long past that dates to 1861. Nowadays, the park features a conservatory, a glasshouse, playground and a giant chessboard. The gardens are perfect for a midday stroll or for bird-spotting- keep your eyes peeled for the Rainbow Lorikeet and the Eastern Spinebill. The main attraction at the Botanic Gardens is the Rain Man sculpture in the fountain. The sculpture was installed in 2005 and operates on a source of solar power and recycled pond water. It’s one of the much-loved characters in the gardens and also sometimes the home to little birds who make their nest on his outstretched arm.

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