Getting Crafty at the Napoleone Ciderhouse and Brewery

Getting Crafty at the Napoleone Ciderhouse and Brewery

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/21/2016

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Sip on a delicious local cider within the stunning greenery of Yarra Valley!

In the heart of the Yarra Valley, just outside of Melbourne City, the Napoleone Ciderhouse and Brewery showcases a slew of delicious flavours and craft beers that are imbued with the personality of the surrounding region. Boasting a collaborative and creative atmosphere, the Napoleone family is dedicated to producing award-winning brews and serving up mouth-watering meals to beer enthusiasts and keen foodies. The Yarra Valley is renowned for its wine and beer making history, which dates back to the early 1800s. Since then, a large majority of hop farms have disappeared from the map, with wine ranking the top feature of the valley. Luckily for us, the Napoleone Ciderhouse and Brewery is making sure that beer and cider remain a stalwart part of the region, being the top cider and beer destination to visit within the greenery.

The History of Napoleone Ciderhouse and Brewery

The brewery is owned by the Napoleone family who are third-generation food growers. The Napoleone family is famous for making Punt Road wine, one of the top wineries of the valley. However, the family decided to begin an orchard back to the 1940s, while the Napoleone brand itself came about in 1948. Today, it is run by Joe and Michael Jr, two brothers who have grown their Red Rich Fruits business into one of the largest apple, pear, and stone fruit growers in Victoria.

Napoleone Cider emerged in 2008 and quickly went on to win a number of awards, including Best Cider in 2014 which the brothers won for their Pear Methode Traditionalle Cider. Currently, the Napoleone Brewery places emphasis on craft beer and recently opened its on-site brewery in 2014.

What to do at the brewery?

  • The Tastings

    At the brewery, you can sample a number of delicious brews and ciders. There is a tasting paddle that offers four brews, including a pale ale, a lager, an apple, and a pear cider. After tasting a range of delicious drinks, you can choose your favorite and grab a pint, taking it outside on a sun-drenched table. If you are visiting on the weekend, head to the brewery on Saturday morning when brewer Ben Waymouth offers a tour of his brewery and private tastings afterward.

  • The Restaurant

    Attached to the brewery and orchards you’ll find Meletos, the on-site restaurant. Here, the menu is guided by the freshest flavours of the season, where the chefs produce delectable dishes using local, homegrown ingredients. Expect mouth-watering meals like wood fire pizzas made with Yarra Valley Dairy, local honey-roasted figs, potato gnocchi and lamb rump served alongside eggplant puree. The meals serve as the perfect accompaniment to the beers, ciders, and wines that the brewery is famed for, which you can enjoy on the sun-soaked terrace overlooking the stunning views of the Valley.

Spending time at the brewery not only gives you the chance to try local flavours and tuck into seasonal Australian dishes, but you can learn more about the history of beer, cider, and wine production in the Yarra Valley on a tour of the Cellar Door, and marvel at the beautiful scenery that the valley has become well-known for.

Take the time to relax and enjoy this part of Australia.

Cameron Ward
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