Yarra Valley

Things to do in Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley, Victoria 3775

Wine is the name of the game in the Yarra Valley! This picturesque region is filled with lush vineyards, boutique restaurants, and beautiful countryside.

Yarra Valley

Located a stone’s throw from the bustling metropolis of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley promises you a day full of mouth-watering wines with exceptional views. Here, you can explore the spectacular scenery that runs alongside the Yarra River before sampling some of the region’s best-loved tipple varieties.

Attractions in Yarra Valley

  • Yarra Valley Wineries

    Quench your thirst with the delicious wine varieties at the many diverse wineries scattered within the region. The region is rich with nutrient soil making it one of the few spots in the country that can produce these types of wines. With an abundant range in whites, reds, sparkling, and roses, no matter what your drink of choice is, it’s guaranteed that Yarra Valley will satisfy you.

    For a family-owned boutique style, visit the Hanrahan Winery. Promising a day jam-packed with details of the history and winemaking processes while you sip and smell the varieties of wine. With noteworthy drops including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. Due to its small, countryside feel, you can skip the crowds and get firsthand service here with both the staff and the family’s dog Otis being extremely welcoming.

    If you are after lunch to go with your wine, Killara Estate Winery is for you. Providing a Mediterranean style lunch of pasta, pizzas, and antipasti. Each dish is matched with a winery wine, letting you enjoy how each sip and bite compliments each other. The restaurant section has large glass windows that look out on the greenery beyond, creating an exceptional view to go with your meal.

    Lastly, there is Punt Road, which is known as the Valley’s hidden treasure. The winery is nestled on 150 acres of greenery, letting you immerse in the countryside region while you sip on your wine of choice. Make sure to try the brand’s pinot noir and chardonnay, as these are their champion drops.

  • Napoleone Brewery and Cider House

    Aren’t much of a wine drinker? Although for the majority of visitors, the total of Yarra Valley simply equates to merely wineries, but this is not the case. With the Napoleone Brewery and Cider House leading the way into the new wave of Yarra Valley attractions; Breweries. The Napoleone vineyards began in 1987, belonging to a family who had been involved in the local fruits since the 1940s. They are a passionate company striving to push the envelope on traditions, winning multiple awards most predominately with their world-famous cider.

    Napoleone Brewery and Cider House is both a working brewery and a showroom for the Napoleone Beers and Ciders, letting guests discover the secrets of the beer as they watch the brewing process through the large windows dividing the brewery house to the bar. While watching, you can enjoy a refreshing glass of their countless types of beer and cider on offer, whether it be a summer larger, a dark ale, or a sweet and sour cider. If you are unsure which to pick, grab a tasting paddle to sample a wide range of choices, before picking your favourite.

  • Healesville Sanctuary

    Healesville Sanctuary

    This bushland haven is a perfect spot to see all the beloved Australia natives within the area. See koalas, kangaroos, wombats, and much more within their natural habitat. While you learn about each animals’ daily lives. It is open 9am until 5pm, every day of the year, despite rain or thunder. Each section of the Sanctuary is designed with the animals in mind, proving the best possible environment for each creature. There is ‘Woodlands Track, which is designed for forest animals, as well as the ‘Wetlands Tracks’, made for an array of birds, marine life, and frogs.

    Make sure you check the schedule before you head to the Sanctuary, with ‘Keeper Talks’ where the professional staff introduce particular animals and detailing their habits and strengths to a captivated audience. Get even closer at a ‘Magic Moment,’ an experience that allows you one on one time with the beloved animals.

  • Yarra Valley’s Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice-Creamery

    Indulge your sweet tooth at the fabulous Yarra Valley’s Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice-Creamery. This chocolate and ice-creamery are surrounded by forty acres of spectacular greenery, giving you a chance to satisfy both your eyes and your taste buds. Watch the masters at work as the factory is right next to the chocolate shop, so visitors can see how these wonderful treats are created from scratch. If you would like to join in on the fun, there are several workshops available throughout the week, so learn from the best and try out the ‘Taste and Create’ or ‘Chocolate Discovery’ events. Otherwise, try the countless chocolate and ice cream samples on offer, so after filling up on sweets, see which flavour your favourite is and grab a bag to take home with you.

  • Yarra Valley Gateway Estate

    Fancy something fresher? Visitors won’t truly appreciate the beauty of Yarra Valley countryside without trying the array of local food produced here. Yarra Valley’s Gateway Estate is the perfect place for this, welcoming guests into sample and purchase a wide range of goodies. It is a full working farm with a shop attached, providing all its products right from the region. Delicious veggies and fruits are everchanging depending on the season, with brilliant big apples, capsicum, and pumpkins. Organic meat, particular beef, all grass-fed and free of hormones. There is even an alcohol section, as the farm produces both wine and liqueurs. Sample some of these delightful drops as the staff detail their creation process in the cellar door section.

If you’re interested in getting the full farm experience, visiting during the ‘U-Pick’ season. A experience that allows visitors to grab a basket and pick a handful of strawberries right from the bush. Scoop for a fattest and reddest looking berry, until your basket is overflowing with fresh produce. There is a café attached to the shop, so after staining your pants with grass and strawberry stains, head indoors for a relaxing and well-earned coffee and nibble.

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