How do I spend a day in Melbourne?

How do I spend a day in Melbourne?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/08/2021

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Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria and arguably one of the most entertaining cities in Australia.

Boasting an artistic culture, a fabulous dining culture, an excellent public transport system, and an abundance of things to see and do, there are so many different ways you could spend your day in Melbourne! Having only one day to explore a city can obviously be quite overwhelming, so we have created a list of all the potential sights to see and admire throughout this wonderful city.

  • Jump aboard the iconic City Circle tram

    Melbourne City Circle

    The free city circle tram is absolutely one of the best aspects of Melbourne for travellers. This free journey will take you around the Melbourne CBD, while you learn all about the history and significance of Melbourne from the overhead speakers. The tram stops in several important locations around Melbourne where you are able to get off and have a look around, and once you are done, just jump back on board the next city circle tram! It is very straight forward and an excellent way to learn and admire the beautiful Melbourne city.

  • Enjoy breakfast on the Yarra and taste some of the world’s best coffee

    Melbourne is famous for being all about brunch and coffee. Boasting some of the best coffee in the world, Melbourne actually has the highest density of cafes per capita in the whole world, so obviously, you will be able to find something delicious to treat yourself for brunch on the beautiful Yarra River. The Yarra runs through the CBD and is lined with restaurants, cafes, parks and everything nice, take a walk along the Yarra and you will be sure to find somewhere to sit, indulge your tastebuds, and admire the beautiful city that surrounds you.

  • Check out the National Gallery of Victoria

    Melbourne is an art loving city, with several museums, galleries and exhibitions that are showcased regularly. The National Gallery of Victoria is a great place to head if you have a few hours to spare in the city. Just a short scenic walk from Flinders Street Station, and you will arrive at the NGV. Entry is free, which is always a plus when you are travelling and trying to save your pennies. The NGV is a combination of an art gallery, museum, gorgeous gardens, and unique events that take place every week.

  • Do some souvenir shopping at the Queen Victoria Market

    Queen Victoria Market is one of the absolute unique must see when you are in Melbourne! This 140-year-old market is the perfect place to shop for some souvenir’s, clothes, locally produced goodies, and of course some delicious food and drinks. The market is a huge open-air wonderland, full of just about anything you can think of, and is a visit here is the perfect way to end your lovely day exploring Melbourne!

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