The Wonder of Victoria, Australia

The Wonder of Victoria, Australia

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/06/2015

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Head South and enjoy Australia’s colder climate and bustling atmosphere!

Victoria is home to some of the best of what Australia has to offer its visitors. No matter what kind of traveller you are, Victoria has a little something for everyone. From adrenaline-inducing hikes and surf spots in the outer regions, to relaxing wine regions and picturesque wildlife spots, to even fun-filled city activities for the whole family. Take a look at our list, and find out why this region is one of the top tourist destinations in the entire country!

  • Melbourne

    The cosmopolitan city of Melbourne is located in Victoria, bringing in millions of tourists every year, hosting them to spectacular food, entertainment, and events. Victoria caters to a variety of interests and has been pleasing tourists with events like the Australian Open for years. Melbourne has become a sought-after destination for international tourists with its inviting city centre, music scene and shopping districts. People come from all over to see what the bustling city has to offer, especially during events like the Australian Open. Other festivals like the Moomba Festival brings in over a million spectators to the city to watch boat races and catch a thrill on the carnival rides. Big music festivals like Big Day Out always stop at Melbourne, giving locals and tourists a day to see the biggest music acts in the world.

  • The Great Ocean Road

    The Great Ocean Road is 243 kilometres of road that stretches around the southern coast of Victoria. Its highlights include the 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, and the quaint town of Torquay where the infamous Bells Beach is located. Tourists from all around the world find their way to the Great Ocean Road to experience one of Australia’s best destinations.

  • Phillip Island

    Head out to Phillip Island for a true wildlife experience! Only a couple hours from Melbourne city, Phillip Island is a picture perfect destination known for its lush bushland, stunning coastal beaches, and ofocurse its Little Penguins! You can see these unquie penguins in real life here every day of the year, visiting the penguin parade and seeing the little creatures waddle up from the ocean and scurry home over the sand after a day fishing the outer seas.

  • Yarra Valley

    Do you enjoy wine tasting and locally crafted cuisine? Then Yarra Valley is your best bet! The southern state’s wine region includes wine from over 100 wineries, with the perfect local cheeses, breads, and olives to pair the wine with. The region is known for its decadent lifestyle and beautiful landscape. Treat yourself to a relaxing weekend outside of the city in Yarra Valley.

  • The Grampians

    Natural landscapes like the Grampians and Mornington Peninsular continue to draw followers out to them with their beauty and historical importance of the area. Offering you the perfect hiking grounds to learn about the Aboriginal community’s beginnings.

If you have plans to visit Australia or are already there, make sure you take the time to enjoy what Victoria has to offer!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
Managing Director at Sightseeing Tours Australia

Cameron Ward turned his travel passion into a thriving Australian tourism business. Before he co-founded his own business, Sightseeing Tours Australia, he was enjoying being a Melbourne tour guide. Even now, Cameron delights in helping visitors from all around the world get the most out of their incredible Australian trip. You’ll see Cameron leading tours or writing about his favourite Australian places where he shares his local insights.

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