How to enjoy Melbourne on the labour day long weekend

How to enjoy Melbourne on the labour day long weekend

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/06/2020

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Spend three days in pure bliss with delicious food, quirky events, and countless cocktail spots!

A typical weekend never seems like enough time to do all you want to do in the bustling city of Melbourne. Luckily, us locals get a chance to do more with some extra time off on the upcoming March long weekend! Giving us a perfect three-day opportunity for fun, food, and festivals! Here is our list for the best things to do for this long weekend within Melbourne!

  • Enjoy the Day at Moomba Festival

    The Melbourne Moomba Festival takes over the banks of the Yarra River this long weekend. Whether you are after a family fun day, a foodie fanatic’s dream, or an adrenaline-inducing adventure, this festival is for you! You can spend your day amidst this epic carnival, trying out the sightseeing Ferris wheels or the exciting roller coasters. Otherwise, you can sample on some of Melbourne’s best cuisines, with a number of popular restaurants and cafes offering a food stall for the weekend. So grab your mates or partner and enjoy a weekend of fun!

  • Boogie at the Nocturnal Museum

    Not sure what to do after the sunset? Melbourne has a number of after-dark adventures, with one of the coolest being the Nocturnal museum. A night of culture, fashion and a massive music line-up at Melbourne’s Museum. Stroll through the many museum expos, seeing the full skeleton of a blue whale, or enjoy the outdoor rainforest hidden within the building while enjoying delicious food and drinks along the way. End the night by having a boogie while listening to talented artists including Banoffee, Rainbow Chan, and Hey Drums.

  • Have a Boozy Brunch

    The nation is known for loving a day drink, and the long weekend is one of the most popular times to enjoy this tradition. Melbourne cafes and restaurants are opening their bars early this weekend and offering a range of delicious brunch cocktails to go with their delicious meals. Sip on a mimosa with your eggs, a bloody mary with your avocado, or even an aperto spritz on its own-its up to you!

  • Visit Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival

    Slurp up as many mussels as you could possibly want while humming along to the sounds of jazz. The city’s South Melbourne Market is one of the weekends biggest events for this long weekend, boasting hundreds of food stalls and a vast array of musical talent. Taking care of the entertainment are Australian artists including a New Orleans-inspired seven-piece band known as the Horns of Leroy, as well as others such as Loretta Miller, Alma Zygier, and La Nuit Blanche.

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