What to Do in Melbourne This Weekend?

What to Do in Melbourne This Weekend?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/31/2018

Reading time: 3 mins

Melbourne is a forever fun-filled hub of activity, and picking out the best things to do during your visit can be tough!

Melbourne is a thriving city bursting with potential weekend activities for your holiday plans. Don’t spend a night at the hotel, but instead adventure into the unknown and discover the unique events only occurring for a limited time. Enjoy the art scene, take a look into the history, and even fill up on some of the best foodie experiences on offer- no matter what your taste is, you will be sure to like at least one of these options.

  • See the Art at the NGV

    Currently, the National Gallery of Victoria is presenting a number of everchanging exhibitions onto its walls. It is the oldest and most visited gallery in Australia, hosting both international and local artists for all to see. Visit and enjoy the exhibitions, programs and events; from contemporary art to major international historic exhibitions, fashion and design, architecture, sound and dance.

    130 years of Modern and Contemporary art, with famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, as well as countless others. Enrich your mind with these legendary artworks in this unforgettable experience. Try out the Friday Night events at the NGV, as you can enjoy live jazz while you dine before or after your wander around the exhibition.

  • Cruise along the River

    Enjoy a scenic cruise on the Yarra River amidst the Melbourne City. Journey down the river to see the superb city skyline view, before entering the city centre, engulfed by the tall buildings. You will also get a chance to learn about Australia’s early settlement days with views of the barque “Polly Woodside” and the bluestone wharves. This is a great activity to do if you are wanting to see the sights in one fell swoop.

  • Enjoy the Gardens

    For all, you history buffs, visit the Melbourne Museum to discover the world of Vikings. Vikings: Beyond the Legend, is an exhibition that debunks the misunderstood stereotypes of these people, with over 450 artefacts forming the largest collection of Viking relics shown in Melbourne. This shows end is fastly approaching as it finales Sunday, so make sure you book it in before then. Make a night of it at the Viking themed restaurant in Melbourne, Mjølner. This restaurant’s food and drink are all authentic to the Vikings era. A perfect way to finish the night off!

  • Watch a Footy Game

    Australian Rules Football is a fast, free-flowing game and is the most popular sport in the country. Victoria is by far the biggest fans, as the MCG is the top stadium within the league. You can watch the weekend games at either the famous MCG or Etihad Stadium, both within the city. Become a true local as you watch from the stands the exciting game as members of the audience cheer from beside you. Make sure you grab a meat pie and beer to get the full effect.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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