How to Shop in Acland Street, St. Kilda

Set in Melbourne City’s St Kilda suburb, Acland Street is now a much-loved recreational and shopping area, drawing in visitors and tourists alike with its eclectic collection of shops, cafes, and restaurants.

The street itself runs from north-west to south-east between Barkly and Fitzroy Street, and it was actually one of the very first streets to be designed when the suburb was being surveyed way back in 1842, so there’s a historic element to it, too.

The northern part of the street is mainly residential, boasting beautiful 19th century town houses, as well as hotspots like the Linden Gallery. Further south, you’ll find the bustling commercial strip, which is filled with stylish cafes, boutique stores, artisan shops, bistros, and everything in between.

Fancy a trip to Acland Street? Here’s what you can get up to:

  • Eat All the Cakes

    The cosmopolitan nature of Melbourne (and, in particular, Acland Street) has meant that many European immigrants have brought their traditional sweet dishes over from further afield. Now, the street is lined with delicious cake shop after delicious cake shop, where mouth-watering displays showcase multi-tiered cakes, pastries, and other sweet treats for passers-by to marvel at.

  • People Watching

    One of the best ways to enjoy Acland Street is outside one of the cafes with a coffee in hand. The vibrant nature of the area means there are plenty of colourful characters to watch, including fashionistas, street performers, and weird and wacky locals. There are numerous cafes to dip into, which serve a delicious selection of hot drinks and snacks.

  • Get Your Shop On

    The main focus of Acland Street is its incredible selection of shops. Serious shoppers hit the strip to pick up bargain buys from outlet stores, high-end fashion pieces from designer boutiques, and everything in between. When you’re not gazing wondrously at the pricey selection of chic offerings, you can check out the collection of artisan stores selling handmade goods, trendy stores offering a range of funky homeware, and art stores, where you can pick up an aesthetic reminder of your trip to Melbourne.

    This is the place to go if you want to buy a gift for someone special, or if you simply want to spend some cash on a little something for yourself.

  • Eat, Eat, and Eat

    Among the shops, cafes, and cake stores, there are several restaurants to try out, serving everything from local Australian specialties to menus promising sumptuous European dishes and international concoctions.

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