Melbourne’s Laneway Festival

Melbourne’s Laneway Festival

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/07/2020

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Melbourne’s most sought-after event of the summer season!

Melbourne’s live music scene is legendary, and what better way to see it than at one of the city’s best festivals? Jam-packed with unique music, delicious food, and laid-back vibes, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival is the perfect way to see the real Melbourne in action. Sink some drinks, get severely sunburnt and dance the day away!

How the Festival Began

What started as a series of weekly shows at a tiny Melbourne bar has bloomed into one of Australia’s most beloved festival institutions. St. Jerome’s began in 2004, with a tiny bar hidden halfway down Caledonian Lane in Melbourne’s CBD. The bar was established by Jerome Borazio, with his main reason for opening it so he would have somewhere to drink with his mates. However, the bar took off, as it was a classic grunge laneway bar that the Melbournian locals adored. Soon, Borazio and his friend Danny Rogers started a ‘Summer Series’ of musical shows, with bands playing at Jerome’s bar, and many other small laneway bars are hidden about the city. Acts like Gersey, Architecture in Helsinki, The Presets, and even Lily Allen played during this time, with more and more until a festival started forming without the producers even realising. In 2005, Caledonian Lane became packed in February as folk enjoyed the tiny stage sitting at one end of the skinny alleyway, marking the festivals very first year of success. These days the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival isn’t just at Melbourne but is held in cities across Australia, New Zealand and even Singapore.

Who you can see here?

Due to the festival’s popularity, the venue has changed from the cramped laneway to the lush grounds of Footscray Park. Throughout its years, Laneway has a multitude of fantastic acts, and 2020 is no different! Popular musicians such as Charli XCX, Ruel, Ocean Alley and more all make an appearance here, giving a little something for every musical taste!

What else does this Festival Offer

It isn’t just the music which brings folk to this festival, with the atmosphere being one of it’s biggest features! Navigate your way through the lush greenery of the park and see the extensive food and beverage offerings available. Guests can choose to boogie at the stages, wander through the heritage gardens, or park themselves on the grass to hear the music from afar. There are multiple stages in the festival, so visitors can travel from one to the next to catch all the acts for the day! There are even a couple markets on offer, offering guests a range of unique music or fashion related goodies!

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