Top 5 Events in Melbourne

Top 5 Events in Melbourne

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/19/2015

Reading time: 3 mins

You’ll never wonder what to do in Melbourne again with our list of Melbourne best events

Melbourne is one of the brightest and most dazzling cities in the whole of Australia and constantly boasts an exciting array of festivities and events. From food to fine wine, flowers and horticulture to sport and laughter, you are never short of things to see and do in the city of Melbourne. Take a look at these top 5 events that grace the banks of the Yarra River and put Melbourne on the map.

  • Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

    Food lovers and connoisseurs of the perfect bottle will fall head over heels with the annual food and wine festival. The biggest chef names come to town for this event, with tons of farmers markets and plenty of stalls offering divine tasting sessions for all visiting. It is one of the best ways to explore Australia’s food culture, with all the magnificent food choices of the city all in one spot.

  • Australia Open

    Tennis lovers will adore the hype and excitement that follows the fabulous and famous Australia Open.  Thousands flock to this event, joining in on the southern hemisphere’s only Grand Slam tournament. Where you can watch la crème de la crème of the tennis world battle it on the lawn as you watch in awe The city gets swept up fully in tennis fever with games being broadcast in all the bars and pubs. There is even a music event available after for anyone who has bought tennis tickets, with acts such as Fatboy Slim and the Veronicas.

  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival

    Get ready to split your sides with the incredible International Comedy Festival. Every spring the comedy stores, theatres, and streets are teeming with laughs a minute. This year there were close to four hundred live shows covering every edge of comedy you can think of. There are also a lot of child-friendly events to suit families visiting, so both parents and children can lavish in the fun of the comedy festival. Check out the official page’s calender and book your ticket for your favorite act!

  • Australian Formula One Grand Prix

    Those with a need for speed will love the fast paced energy of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. Not only can you watch the races in the gorgeous Albert Park but you can catch all kinds of action on the grandstand. Along with track races the city teems with lashings of live entertainment and some of the hottest names in the Grand Prix are sure to be spotted.

  • Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

    See a world of color and delight the senses with the stunning Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. You can see award gardens in full bloom, rare and exotic species, floral design workshops and so much more. This is the perfect chance to find inspirational delights for your own garden, purchase pretty plants and soak up lots of live entertainment, fun and games.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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