Myer Christmas Windows Bourke Street Melbourne

Myer Christmas Windows Bourke Street Melbourne

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/02/2015

Reading time: 3 mins

Melbourne’s Myer leads in building-up the festive season with its annual window displays!

Getting into the festive spirit in Melbourne can be tricky when you replace the snowflakes with lashings of sunshine. However, one simple trip down to the Myer Christmas windows on Bourke Street is sure to get you in the mood. One of the most iconic sights in the whole of Melbourne, every year the bright and sparkly windows brings in millions of visitors wanting to see the seasonal themes come to life. The windows build up the anticipation and excitement for Melbournians festive season, with the big reveal of the windows beginning in November time and lasting until Christmas! Find out what you can experience when you head down to Bourke Street during the holiday season!

The History of the Windows

The windows first began in 1956, created by Freddie Asmussen, who was the head of the display in Myer. Instead of filling the windows with the usual range of gift giving ideas, Asmussen instead decided to showcase something completely different for the Christmas windows. Creating the very first Myer Christmas Windows theme, “Santa and the Olympics”, which celebrated the Olympics, the technological marvel of television, and of course, Santa! Asmussen designed a new Christmas theme every year until his passing in 1974.

Each Year’s Theme

Every year is a completely new theme, with no decoration or display the same or recyled. There has been a range of themes, from Santa Claus and the Three Bears, the 12 Nights before Christmas and even How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It is bound to delight and inspires the whole family, as you can see the Bourke Street Mall transform into a magical winter wonderland with plenty of twinkling fairy lights, silvery tinsel, and even Santa Claus himself. Over forty talented designers goto town to create the dazzling window display where children’s stories come to life. Over seventeen thousand hours of blood, sweat and tears poured into the creation of the beautiful windows, this is a testament that fairy tales can come true.

Do a Little Dream Shopping

Plan an amazing day out with all the family as you listen to the brass band strike up the music to play all your favourite carols, press your nose against the frosted glass and see the story of Santa and the Three Bears move to life before your eyes. After indulging all your senses in the wonderful display you can duck into the Giftorium to find that something special for the ones you love. With hundreds of perfectly curated presents to choose from, Christmas shopping has never been so fun.

Meet the Man Himself in Santaland

Head to Santaland for the perfect finish to your dream day where children can meet the man himself, pose for pictures, and even take a ride on the magical santaland express train. Elves are there to keep youngsters entertained as they wait for their turn with Santa and suffice to say everyone is in wonderful wonderland spirits.

A Festive Gift to Remember

The windows are hailed as Myer’s fabulous festive gift to the public and nothing will start the tingling of Christmas magic in your bones like a journey up and down the beauty of Bourke Street. This is the idyllic way to do your Christmas shopping and see the lights twinkling as you indulge in seasonal joy.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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