See the best rooftop bars for Melbourne’s summer

See the best rooftop bars for Melbourne’s summer

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/26/2019

Reading time: 3 mins

Regardless of your drink of choice, these high-altitude drinking spots are well worth the climb!

Melburnians have always had a strong love for outdoor drinking, with the vibrant and incredible concrete city making for the perfect setting for a collection of rooftops, beer gardens, and balcony bars hidden throughout. From sipping drinks under the blazing sun to enjoying the hot summer nights, Summertime in Melbourne’s many outdoor bars is a must-do activity.

  • Naked for Satan

    Sitting above Fitzroy’s bustling Brunswick Street, Naked for Satan in is famed for glorious cocktails and city views. With a buffet of delicious Spanish tapas on offer, guests can enjoy the setting sun fade behind the city skyline as this funky bar which represents’ s Melbourne’s north side for beautifully.

  • The Imperial Hotel

    Although the Imperial is one of Melbourne’s oldest bars, its rooftop bar looks far from it! With comfy lounge chairs and high-top bar tables, The Imperial rooftop offers the perfect after-work drinks vibe that is both stylish and relaxed.

  • Rooftop Bar

    Enjoy a mouth-watering burger and a jug of beer as you sit in the heart of Melbourne’s city centre. Located on the 7th floor of Swanson street, the Rooftop bar offers guests a truly laidback vibe as local Uni students and tourist enjoy the variety of colourful drinks and craft beer.

  • The Rooftop at QT

    Indulge at one of the city’s most lavish rooftops, nestled on top of high-class hotel buildings. You don’t even need to stay at the city’s QT Melbourne to experience its lavish lifestyle, with the rooftop open for all visitors. The dress code is a little bit fancier, with both locals and tourists using the bar as their personal runway, so dust off your fanciest shoes and climb up for a high class drink spot!

  • Madame Brussels

    Enjoy the kitschy, quirky and elegant side of Melbourne at the famous Madame Brussels! The rooftop is garden party-inspired, letting you enjoy the lavish picnic environment right in the heart of the bustling city. Take your girls here for a truly girly round of drinks amidst the city’s high risers.

  • Siglo

    Nestled in the ‘Paris End’ of Melbourne, the bar takes on a French style in both décor and service. With Siglo even offering a range in cigars to go with your whiskey or cocktail, letting you imagine yourself in the centre of Paris without ever having to take a flight!

  • Loop Roof

    Trek into the jungle at this garden-inspired rooftop, enjoying both a magnitude of greenery to go with the city skyline. The drinks match the tropical theme, treating yourself with prickly pear cacti paddles, and delicious botanical daiquiris to pump you up for the night ahead.

  • Goldilocks

    It may be small, but it is jam-packed with character! With Goldilocks perfect for a lazy afternoon going into the evening drinking session. It is also a vegan-friendly bar, so those veggie or vegan friends looking for snacks with their ethical beer, look no further!

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