The Clocks and Steps of Flinders Street Station

There are numerous historic attractions in Melbourne City that boast brilliant histories and fascinating stories, and Flinders Street Station is no different.

The railway station sits on the edge of Flinders and Swanston Streets and is serviced by the entire metropolitan rail network, seeing thousands of commuters and travellers pass through its doors every single day.

At its rear, you’ll find the Yarra River, which weaves its way through the city centre and provides a picturesque backdrop to the surrounding scenery. Sprawling out over two whole city blocks, Flinders Street Station is a popular attraction for visitors as well as a popular meeting point for locals.

It is also the oldest train station in the whole of Australia, showcasing a historic design with a yellow façade and a green copper dome which can be seen throughout the city. Inside, stalls serving hot food and cold drinks line the concourse, while the upper floors were created specially to house a gym, library, and a lecture hall which was later used as a ballroom.

As the busiest suburban railway station in the southern hemisphere, it sees more than 1500 trains and 110,000 commuters every day. It is now listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, thanks to its 708m main platform, which is the fourth longest in the world.

Flinders Street Station

The Clocks of Flinders Street Station

The main portion of the building was completed in 1909 and quickly became a cultural icon of Melbourne, what with its recognisable dome, grand entranceway, and its tower and selection of clocks.

There are very few Melbournians out there that haven’t muttered the words “I’ll meet you under the clocks”, which refers to the row of clocks that line the wall above the main entrance. This marks a hugely popular meeting place for locals thanks to its central location and easy-to-recognise design.

If you meet a Melburnian who hasn’t arranged to meet someone under the clocks, they’ve probably arranged to meet someone on the steps. This references the wide staircase that sweeps up underneath the clocks.

The Clocks of Flinders Street Station

The historic charm of Flinders Street Station is second to none, thanks to its impressive architecture and its place in Melbournian culture. Whether you’ve got a train to catch or are just visiting to experience the grandiose design of the place, it’s well worth stepping foot inside. Take some time to kick back and relax with a hot drink from one of the stalls and watch the flurry of action unfold in front of you.

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