What to do in Port Melbourne?

What to do in Port Melbourne?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/27/2018

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This upscale coastal suburb is jam-packed with high-rises, converted warehouses, and a number of worth-while tourist attractions!

Melbourne is Australia’s trendiest city, famed for its art, food, and fashion. It is a unique region, featuring art-filled laneways, lush gardens, hip cafes and bars, and a range of boutique fashion shops. However, one of Melbourne’s greatest attractions is its suburb of Port Melbourne. The sunny bay of Port Melbourne is the quiet oasis a step away from the centre of Melbourne. Palm-lined pathways full of gleaming upscale apartments, beach views, and stylish restaurants. Cyclists flood the region, locals hop on and off trams, and wherever you go the sea breeze follows you! Take a look at our guide to Port Melbourne and discover the historic attractions and the worthwhile activities!

What to do in Port Melbourne?

  • The Piers

    Stroll along the waterfront at one of the piers in Port Melbourne. Princes or Station Pier are both great places to venture to! Spot the boats sprinkling the harbour and learn about each pier’s historic importance of the area. Grab some local fish and chip takeaway watch the water change colour under the setting sun.

  • Water Activities

    One of the key attractions of Port Melbourne is its close proximately to the water. So what better way to spend your day but a day in the water? Discover Melbourne in a whole new perspective as you cruise down the Yarra River. Hire a kayak or join a riverboat cruise to see the sparkling lights of the city. For a full day, head to Port Melbourne’s Beach! Have a walk along the sand, join in on beach volleyball, or just lay back and soak up that sun.

  • Go-karting

    For a fast and furious day, visit the Auscarts Racing in Port Melbourne. Let your inner kid out and have a crack at racing your friends around the circuit of obstacles. You can even do this exhilarating adventure on a rainy day as it’s all indoors!

  • Restaurants

    Melbourne is renowned for its multi-cultural diversity, particularly in its food. Port Melbourne is no different, offering an array of cuisines, including Japanese, Thai, Italian, Greek and many more. Enjoy the array of luminous restaurants, some with stunning beach views along the coastline.

  • Shopping Bay Street

    With so many shops, restaurants, and cafes in Melbourne, where do you even start? Bay Street is so full of great boutique shops, delicious eateries, and great bars, you will be stopping more than once! See the abundance of the Melbourne life with a beautiful ocean backdrop, Bay Street is for you. Enjoy a Melbourne style cocktail as you people watch along this buzzing street.

Venture to the picturesque Port Melbourne, to enjoy all the city perks as you relax along the waterfront. A perfect place to visit for a romantic night or a fun-filled day.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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