Things to Do at Rochford Wines Yarra Valley

Things to Do at Rochford Wines Yarra Valley

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/27/2016

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This family-owned destination is home to some of Australia’s very best wines to choose from!

The stunning sweep of the Yarra Valley is known for its incredible wine tasting opportunities. Here, there are swathes of vineyards covering the lush landscape, and Rochford Wines is one of the prime cultural locations.

From the winery itself, visitors have breath-taking views of the surrounding Great Dividing Ranges and, being just one hour from Melbourne, it’s the perfect place to sample the wines, food, and views of this beautiful region.

Boasting both a picturesque indoor and outdoor space, Rochford Wines hosts functions and events throughout the year, catering from 2 to 7,000 guests at a time.

In the restaurant, floor to ceiling windows offer a bright, airy backdrop with incredible views out across the scenery. Exposed beams give it a cosy feel, while the chefs cook up fresh, seasonal produce into delicious local dishes.

Elsewhere, there is the Rochford Wine Bar, which offers a more casual place to sample the winery’s offerings, and the pretty courtyard, with a central shady elm, provides a peaceful place to soak up the charm of the Yarra Valley.

The Cellar Door tends to be the most popular haunt for day trippers, where they can try the latest flavours and learn more about the special winemaking process.

Things to Do at and around Rochford Wines

As well as wine tasting and dining on seasonal goodies, there are plenty of other activities to get stuck into around Rochford Wines, whether you’re looking for an adrenalin-pumping adventure or something a little more laidback. The vineyard and winery doesn’t just produce wine, but owns a restaurant, cellar door, shop, a conservatory, a pavilion, amphitheater, and a lakeside deck. Being one of the best spots to visit for not just wine, but a number of extronidinary experiences!

  • Isabella’s Restaurant

    Guests can dine on light lunches or platters with a glass of premium wine, and The Pinot Gallery is ideal for classy cocktail parties.

  • Outdoor Concerts

    In 2004, and every year since, the Rochford Wines has played host to the crowd pleasing “A Day on the Green” concert series. Which features some of the very best local and international artists around. Including iconic Aussie rock bands, sensational classical concerts, and Australia’s favourite contemporary artists. The music blends together beautifully with the glorious landscape of the valley and breathtaking panoramic views Yarra Valley’s Great Dividing Range.

  • Summer Time Activities

    The winery celebrates the summertime throughout the season! There are a number of summer festivals, which all take place in the destination’s outdoor facilites. Otherwise there is a summer menu which highlights the greatest local produce created during this season!

  • Events

    Due to its stunning scenery setting, it is used for a number of grand events, ranging from intimate parties to extravagant celebrations. These include grand food festivals and events such as the upcoming ‘Wine Machine’ which showcases the country’s premium wine with a garden-party picnic by day that turns into a fun fiesta after sunset.

  • Healesville

    The small town of Healesville is known as the epicurean heart of the Yarra Valley, promising visitors a sumptuous experience with a selection of gourmet goods. Try out the local pubs, breweries, and restaurants, and dip into the Kennedy & Wilson Chocolates to feed your sweet tooth.

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