Experience One of Melbourne’s Top Sporting Event – the Grand Prix

Experience One of Melbourne’s Top Sporting Event – the Grand Prix

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/09/2015

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Head to Melbourne during March, for one of the world’s most glamorous sporting events!

The Australian Grand Prix began back in 1928 on Phillip Island and, today, is the country’s longest running motor racing event. Over the years it has hopped around Australia, taking place in numerous locations throughout the country, but in 1985 it became a part of the Formula One World Championship and got its permanent location at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit and Albert Park in 1995.

Being a major part of the Formula One World Championship has seen the race snowball in popularity and it is now a staple part of the motor racing year.

But despite its solid place amongst some of the top races in the world, it has an interesting history. During the 60s and early 70s it was a major part of the Tasman Series and, for a while, it took place at the Adelaide Street Circuit in Adelaide.

Winners of the race receive a Jack Brabham trophy, a circular plate named after the three-time winner, and the crash Lex Davison trophy which harks back to race days in the 60s.

The Melbourne Grand Prix Experience

The Grand Prix is a star-studded affair that is so much more than just the big race. In fact, the event rolls over four days in March every year, drawing in thousands and thousands of visitors, many of whom are famous, glitzy celebs.

Throughout the four-day extravaganza, visitors are presented with a huge selection of entertainment, including high-quality stunt shows, precision aerobatics carried out by the air force, and numerous other races and exhibitions featuring historic cars and Supercars. There’s also a top-notch schedule of music performances from local and international rock bands and other genres.

If it’s a taste of the high life that you’re after then you’re in luck, as the Melbourne Grand Prix is one of the most coveted sporting events in Australia’s calendar, but it’s also extremely family friendly with loads of great attractions and events for kids.

The Big Event

It’s the Saturday that boasts the main event, though, which all of the other entertainment builds up to.

Throughout the day there are a selection of races including two Formula One sessions and, if you’re lucky enough to receive an invite, it’s the day of the Red Bull racing season launch party where you’ll find anyone who’s anyone.

Regardless of whether you make it to the glamorous parties or just wander the stalls and entertainment, the Melbourne Grand Prix is a great day out for all the family. It boasts a great community atmosphere in one of the prettiest parts of Melbourne.

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