What is Federation Square known for?

What is Federation Square known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/08/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

Federation Square is a large area inside Melbourne city.

Federation Square is Melbourne’s most popular gathering place. You can expect people to meet up for a meal or drink, to celebrate, or to watch an event. Since the square opened in 2002, over 100 million people have visited it, and it is the 6th best public square in the world!

But what’s so good about the square you may ask? Well, let’s talk about what exactly you can do at Fed Square that makes it so special to Victorians.

Koorie Heritage Trust

The Koorie Heritage Trust is a place to showcase the art, heritage and culture of the Koorie people. Here you will find programs and services for you to learn more about the Koorie people. Every Wednesday to Friday, there is a Birrarung Wilam Walk which takes you through Fed Square to the Aboriginal art installations. You’ll experience the Aboriginal history of the Birrarung Marr and the Aboriginal people of the Kulin Nation. The walk is only an hour but it’s worth doing to learn more about the history and culture.

Live events

Quite often you will find there is some form of a live event happening at Fed Square. This could be a performance or music. Or when a live event like a sporting game is happening, there is a screen that gets set up for people to come and support their team. This is usually sports like AFL (Australian Football League), cricket, tennis, and many more. You’ll know when there’s a live event happening when there are a lot of people suddenly at Fed Square.

Eat and drink

There is a range of different restaurants, cafes, and bars at Fed Square to enjoy. A few popular ones are Transit Rooftop Bar, Time Out, and Pilgrim Bar. Each one offers a range of different food and drinks for you to enjoy with family and friends before going to an event. You’ll often find some of these places filled with footy fans right before a game down at MCG.


ACMI celebrates a range of films, television, and gaming via screenings, events, and exhibits. You can enter the museum for free and there are exhibitions, some even for free too! Throughout the year there are various events going on. You can check out the events online or surprise yourself and walk into the centre today.

You can easily find Federation Square in Melbourne. It’s right next to Flinders Street Station alongside Swanston Street. It’s even harder to miss when there’s an event on and a crowd of people is gathering around.

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