What is winter like in Melbourne Australia?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/05/2019

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The city’s setting may be on the colder side,  but there is no shortage of fun to warm yourself up!

Undoubtedly one of Australia’s trendiest cities, with an eclectic mix of art, food, sport, and style. Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia, as it has the highest amount of multiculturalism in the entire country. Blending together all types of cultures to form the iconic fusion chic which defines Melbourne’s way of life.

About Melbourne

Nestled in the south of Australia, in the very heart of Victoria. Melbourne has around five million citizens, all spread out from the inner-city centre to the outer suburbs. The city has a proud history, evolving into a culturally diverse city that has formed its own unique Australian culture. One thing that all Melbournians can agree on is how arts and culture is a critical part of their city. With local galleries, museums, street art, art is all over the place, spewing out into every crevasse. Culture blossoms out of every aspect of Melbourne, most particularly in the food. With the city creating their own unique forms of foreign cuisines formed with influences of Asian, Greek, Italian, and many other cultural things and blending them into the city’s contemporary style of cooking.

The Seasons of Melbourne

The city’s weather has four typical seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring is filled with clear skies and fresh greenery and blooming flowers. Summer is scorching dry hot days, that finish off with warm and relaxing nights. Autumn covers the city with colourful leaves, creating a golden cool across the region. Finally, winter contains freezing days and nights, with rainfall and winds thrashing against the trees and buildings.

“City for All Seasons”

Melbourne might not be the tropical paradise or red desert you think of when you imagine the down under, but it has grown famous throughout the country. This is all due to Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, known for having the four seasons all in one day! With bone cold mornings, to sweltering hot days, that is followed by an afternoon of pouring rain, you get it all! Even despite the seasons, Melbourne has a typically dry air to it, with hardly any humidity compared the Northern coast of Australia. As well, it has a large reputation for continuous rain throughout the year, with bursts of pouring rain and thunder occurring in bursts during mornings, days, and nights.

The Bonus’ of Winter

Melbourne is a lot colder than its sister cities of Brisbane or Darwin, but the city uses this to their advantage. Offering visitors, a cool, cosy, and sophisticated winter adventure that is a break from the red-hot Aussie Outback.

The Fashion

With winter comes amazing winter fashion, with large coats, cute beanies, and colour scarfs creating a cosy and cool look amidst the rain. Melbournians are notorious for wearing black clothing, so join in with the locals with a black outfit to match your steaming hot coffee.

Food and Drinks

Melbourne restaurants and bars are always changing their menu, with different seasons offering new cuisines that compliment the weather. For winter, the city embraces delicious dinners in intimate settings, hot cider, and specialised cocktails to keep you buzzing despite the freezing cold.

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