Where is Brighton?

Where is Brighton?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/03/2018

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Nestled on Melbourne’s coastal region, Brighton is known as an affluent suburb and the most popular beach destination around!

Sitting along the coast of is one of Melbourne’s most fashionable suburbs. Only a half an hour drive from the city centre, Brighton is a small haven from the big smoke. The suburb is littered with splendid tree-lined streets and scenic views of the sea. Appreciating the beautiful gardens and historic architecture. Stroll down the main streets to discover the thriving cafes, restaurants, shops, and historic sights of this area as you escape from the bustling city.

What to do in Brighton?

  • Brighton Beach

    One of the best beaches so close to the city, Melbourne’s Brighton beach is famous for its colourful bathing boxes. These brightly painted boxes sit end to end on the beaches back burner, being introduced in the 1900s. The striking colours add to the Aussie summer atmosphere this beach is celebrated for. Grab your bathers and towel to enjoy a day in the sun, either swimming, tanning or frolicking in the shallows.

  • Historic Buildings

    For the history buffs, have a gander at some historic sites within the suburb. Billilla Mansion is a noteworthy building, with beautifully manicured gardens complementing the historic architecture perfectly. Listed on the National Trust Register, this has been a landmark for locals for over a hundred years.

  • Main street

    Church Street is the main street of Brighton and is littered with incredible shops to peek into. Op Shops cover the area, with hidden fashion gems that would be snatched up a bullet speed if they were in the city. Here you can take your time, sorting through the vintage items to select the fabulous trinkets. Rest your feet at a cafe or restaurant. Tuck into a delicious lunch or simply enjoy a delicious coffee or wine, people watching the lively strip.

  • Cinema

    This well-known historic building, is one of Melbourne’s most stylish cinemas, opening its doors since the 1940s. Step back in time as you enter the elegance building of Palace Cinemas Dendy Brighton, marvelling at the architectural beauty. St down in one of the classic red cinema chairs as you enjoy the licensed bar.

  • Go Op Shopping

    Regardless of whether you are looking for retro clothes to antique toys, Brighton’s Op shops are for you! The suburb is filled to the brim with these shops, with many of the a bargains galore and antiquers dream. There is something for everyone, with the opportunity shops in Brighton making it hard to leave empty-handed. From incredibly rare books, stylish clothes, unquie household items, and much more, folk can spend days hopping from one shop to the next!

Enjoy a day out of the city and breathe in the salty ocean air. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery or a more upbeat adventure, Brighton has you covered.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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