Where should you stay in Melbourne?

Where should you stay in Melbourne?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/29/2019

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Find out which suburb of Melbourne suits your style and needs!

Planning to make a stop in Melbourne for a couple of days? Looking for the best place to stay? Most places suggest booking a room right smack bang in the middle of the city centre. But Melbourne can offer you a variety of areas to stay, all with a different ambience and range of attractions. Depending on what type of trip you are looking for will depend on where you want to stay.

  • For the Beach Views: St Kilda

    Melbourne’s stunning spot by the sea, with sunbathers, swimmers, and even some small penguins roaming the sands. St Kilda is bursting with beach vibes, with a balcony and rooftop restaurants and bars offering a perfect summer stay. The area is loaded with hostels, being the main hot spot in Melbourne, as well as some luxury hotels for visitors wanting a bit more privacy. Only being a short tram ride to the city centre, St Kilda offers you a chiller experience without the blaring of car horns and swarms of foot traffic, letting folk get in the laid-back spirit of St. Kilda before visiting the bustling inner city for the day!

  • Late nights and funky vibes: Fitzroy

    To see Melbourne’s renowned hipster style, visited the Fitzroy area. Home to local musicians, artists, and anyone with a dollop of style or creativity. The streets are lined with boutique shops, antiques, second-hand bookshops, and endless amounts of bars and restaurants. See the local live music and try out the stylish cocktail bars that are covered in greenery and travel up to rooftop views, you can really get in the local hipster vibe when staying here for a night or two!

  • Inner City Life: Southbank

    If you are looking for a full city stay, park yourself at the CBD, Docklands, or even Southbank. The areas are all home to skyscrapers and iconic sites. Walking distance to most of the city, you can visit the Eureka Tower, Southern Star Observation Wheel, and Chinatown without even breaking a sweat. The area is nearby to some of the city’s greatest restaurants and bars, as well as being next door to the stunning Yarra River. If you aren’t much for public transport, this region is undoubtedly your best option, as walking from one attraction to the next is easier and cheaper from your hotel location!

  • Shopping, style, and a soothing atmosphere: South Yarra

    For a sophisticated stay trek out to South Yarra for your trip. Still within the inner city, but away from the loud crowds, South Yarra offers guests a new take to Melbourne for guests who have travelled here before. There are busy areas such as Chapel Street and the Royal Botanic Gardens, letting you shop until you drop and drop from exhaustion within the lush greenery of the area’s stunning park, enjoying a picnic as the sunsets in the horizon.

Regardless of your choice, we guarantee your trip to Melbourne will leave you satisfied!

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Cameron Ward
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