What can couples do in Melbourne?

What can couples do in Melbourne?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/22/2019

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Picturesque gardens, a stunning skyline, and a fun-filled nightlife, there’s no better place to enjoy a romance-filled holiday!

When travelling around Australia, there is no greater place for multiculturalism, food, nightlife, and art, than the famous Melbourne City. The city is lined with narrow graffiti lanes, beautiful cafes, and rooftop bars, offering an unforgettable and funky stay in the cultural capital of Australia. If you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, look no further, as Melbourne promises the perfect place to unearth and unwind together.

  • Birds Eye View at Eureka Tower

    See the city sights all at once when you travel up to the very top of the city’s 297.3-metre skyscraper. Eureka promises 360-degree views of Melbourne and its surrounds with floor to ceiling windows. With interactive activities and a café up top so you can enjoy a coffee or even sparking while marvelling at the view. For a thrilling adventure, join on the edge activity, which extends Eureka’s 88th floor, suspending you nearly 300 meters over in a glass cube. The cube has clean floors and walls, giving you a genuine bird’s-eye view of the streets below.

  • Share a bottle at Yarra Valley

    Escape the bustling city centre and venture out to the Yarra Valley winery region. With Victoria’s best wine brands scattered within the lush countryside scenery. Enjoy shopping from one winery to the next, trying out an endless amount of crisp whites, sharp reds, and sweet bubbles. Click your glasses together and kick back to relax, marvelling at the gorgeous greenery surrounding you.

  • See the Penguins

    See some of Australia’s most beloved animals up close and personal! The Little Penguin, the smallest and in our opinion cutest penguin in existence, nests along Phillip Island’s coast. Waddling up to shore after a day of hunting in the sea to rest up for the night, this penguin colony covers the sandy beach, giving you a perfect opportunity to become face to face with these cute creatures.

  • Rooftop Roaming

    Enjoy a romantic drink date for two at one of the many high-altitude drinking spots littered in the city. The stunning locations offer glorious 360 views of the surrounds, making the climb up well worth it. Start off with a signature Melbourne cocktail as you survey the streets below.

  • Get Inspired at the NGV

    Stimulate your creative side and plunge into the world of art at the National Gallery of Victoria. With an endless supply of stunning artworks and ever-changing exhibitions that are famed worldwide, you and your partner can spend a whole day walking through this gallery’s beauty.

  • Sunset at St Kilda

    What’s more romantic than a stroll along the beach at sunset? Head to St Kilda for a mouth-watering dinner and drinks, finishing off the night among St Kilda’s splendid sand and palm trees.

  • A Magical Moment at Melbourne Star

    Want a romantic dinner amidst the stars? This High-Tec Ferris wheel is the Southern Hemisphere’s only Giant Observation Wheel. Granting you the best views in the city while you can enjoy a delicious dinner and sparkling from the comfort of the carriage.

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