Why was Melbourne the most liveable city in the world?

Why was Melbourne the most liveable city in the world?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/07/2019

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Melbourne was once listed as the most liveable city in the entire world for a total of seven years.

Sadly, the city lost its crown in 2018 to Vienna, but even despite this loss, Melbournians still find their city to be the greatest.

The reason it was officially picked

There were many factors that the officials looked at when determining a city’s liveability. On Melbourne’s 2017 win, it scored a 97.5 out of a 100. Receiving perfect scores for their healthcare, education and infrastructure. As well as having a relatively low crime rate compared to other main cities.

The extra pros in the Melbourne city

  • A multicultural city

    One thing that Melbournians are truly proud of is how arts and culture is a critical part of the city. The streets are lined with local galleries, museums, street art, and an array of multicultural cuisines. With so many different people from all areas of the world living in Melbourne, the food and culture have formed a stunning fusion of nations. Letting travellers experience a modern fusion style of Asian, Spanish, Italian, and many other cultural things blending into one diverse culture for all people to enjoy.

  • Free Inner-City Trams

    If you are simply sightseeing the inner city, a great way to get around is the numerous trams chugging through the streets. The city circle tram is free but just make sure you get off before it starts to cost you!

  • Endless local music

    Melbourne’s live music scene is legendary, with numerous gigs and festivals held every year. Seeing a live band is the perfect way to see the real Melbourne in action.

  • Rooftop bar views

    The rooftop bars littered around the city are well worth the climb. Giving you exceptional views of the surrounding city under the scorching sun. Kick back and relax with a summer cocktail as you survey the streets below!

  • Beach suburbs

    Feel like a beach day? St Kilda is Melbourne’s perfect paradise, bursting with beach views, trendy restaurants, endless bars, and even a park or two. Soak up the sun as you enjoy the cool salty breeze!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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